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  1. Stevetank

    State of the Squadron 54

    TEST Squardon, BEST Squadron!
  2. Stevetank

    Blind Owl likes this

    Blind Owl likes this
  3. Stevetank

    New capital ships in Star Citizen or Bengal variants?

    We need more capitals in Star Citizen. It takes 5 capitals to spell TEST Squardon, so we need at least that many.
  4. Stevetank

    F8C Executive is in game!! First look and chance to win!

    We made sure that there were no scratches on it either, which took a while because I fly like I'm in TEST Squardon.
  5. Stevetank

    If you jumble your name it spells Lid N Bowl.

    If you jumble your name it spells Lid N Bowl.
  6. Stevetank

    Fury like no other

    I'm going to ask @Blind Owl to park 140 Furys and see if he notices that they don't all fit. We might need to have him drink all the beer first so that there's room.
  7. Stevetank

    Fury like no other

    It does.
  8. Stevetank

    Fury like no other

    Thanks to Angelarch over on Spectrum, we now know how we're going to get more TEST Squadron per ship than any other squardon. Safety regulations are for people who need to feel safe. We are the danger. We are TEST Squadron, the BEST Squadron!! Max capacity: 135 Furys Not to mention the...
  9. Stevetank

    Enjoying Invictus

    I'm enjoying Invictus TEST SQUARDON style. How about you? Parking is a little tight with all the new people showing up. I managed to fit 2 Furies in 1 cargo section on the Caterpillar This means more parking for Testies on the Caterpillar. Also, the new Lorville has a new problem...
  10. Stevetank

    New tank incoming, Tumbril Storm

    All of them.
  11. Stevetank

    New tank incoming, Tumbril Storm

    Is she single? :love:
  12. Stevetank

    How many Auroras can the Kraken carry?

    Always here to help! TEST Squadron really is the BEST squadron.
  13. Stevetank

    Banu Merchantman tease

    Not going to lie.... I pulled a BMM out of buyback today.
  14. Stevetank

    Glaive CCUs? (SOLVED)

    Thank you glorious leader! I didn't think this was a ship that they offered CCUs to like the Scythe. Mystery solved!
  15. Stevetank

    Glaive CCUs? (SOLVED)

    Are these a thing? I accidentally bought 2 of them because I didn't think it was real and I wanted to test. I didn't think you could CCU to a Glaive. Am I mistaken?
  16. Stevetank

    Small ship naming ceremony for my first nameable ship

    Cheers and congratulations!
  17. Stevetank

    Let's all @blind owl.

    @Blind Owl
  18. Stevetank

    Trading Bit of testing on Hydro fuel usage of ships (limited database)

    Here's another one but with graphs EYE WARNING!: Starts off in light mode but you can switch it to dark mode.
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