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  1. Aramsolari


    Welcome! Fly Safe!
  2. Aramsolari

    Well, Hello there :)

    Belated Welcome! Fly Safe!
  3. Aramsolari

    The future of Spectrum in the PU?

  4. Aramsolari

    How should CIG deal with toxic players and harassment outside of the game?

    Offenders are limited to flying only Auroras....permanently!
  5. Aramsolari

    The future of Spectrum in the PU?

    Burn it with fire!
  6. Aramsolari

    Hello 'Test' World

    Welcome! Fly Safe!
  7. Aramsolari

    Just dropping this here...

    I lost several friends and colleagues to drug overdose and/or suicide this year. These are guys with careers and families. Real life shit. That there are people who would go to great lengths to drive others to do unspeakable things to themselves and/or others over a fucking video game boggles...
  8. Aramsolari

    Just dropping this here...

  9. Aramsolari

    B-21 - US New AI Bomber

    My money is on the USAF having AI controlled aircraft before CIG comes out with NPC crewman. :glorious:
  10. Aramsolari


    Yup. It's modular with CIG yet to fully develop that feature. I'm sure it will be done soon™.
  11. Aramsolari


    I say that with a touch of irony. This is TEST after all with only the finest pilots in the Verse.
  12. Aramsolari


    Welcome! Fly Safe!
  13. Aramsolari

    looks like i now own a Polaris

  14. Aramsolari

    For All Mankind

    Yeah it's a good show. Ronald D. Moore is one of the finest Scifi writers/showrunners of all time. (Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9, Battlestar Galactica)
  15. Aramsolari

    Hello hej hej from Sweden

    I was in EVE University back in the day when I played that game. Fun times! Welcome! Fly Safe!
  16. Aramsolari

    Happy Turkey Day!

    Gobble Gobble!
  17. Aramsolari

    StarEngine Video Release Today!

    They got rid of nose bleed dude. :(
  18. Aramsolari

    CaptNeon signing UP

    Welcome! Fly Safe
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