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  1. Sadebreth

    My new fleet so far

    The Vanguard I can get back at any time since it is in my buybacks. I just mostly wanted to try a different ship with that one hence the Defender. The Redeemer was an upgrade from the Aquila before and I wanted the Aquila back so I rebought the package. I can't get it back until another sale...
  2. Sadebreth

    My new fleet so far

    I am going to put in a ticket and see what they say.
  3. Sadebreth

    My new fleet so far

    i mostly play by myself and was hoping my daughter and son would get into it with me, which doesn't seem to be happening, so a ship like the redeemer that requires more people to fly it wasn't really good for me. Not to mention I have a limited budget. it is also why the Andromeda is gone. I...
  4. Sadebreth

    My new fleet so far

    I made some changes for alien week since I wanted a couple of the alien ships. Did some moving around and trading in. Edit: Forgot to add the Pisces Expedition
  5. Sadebreth

    Question about ship packs

    I read that after I posted the original post. That is why edited it to say delete the post. At first I was confused because it says "loaner" but these loaners come with bigger ships so why are they called loaners? For example the Carrack comes with a Ursa and a G12. Since the G12 isn't released...
  6. Sadebreth

    Question about ship packs

    Well... not loaners but what the ships come with. My original post stated that the big explorer pack ($1700) comes with a Carrack and an Aquila. Both ships come with an Ursa but you only get one in game so I answered my own question. Sorry.
  7. Sadebreth

    Question about ship packs

    Just delete this please. Completely missed the part where it said the extra ships don't stack. I feel stupid now.
  8. Sadebreth

    Starfield - Discussion Thread

    I have been waiting for it for a while. Gonna preorder it at the beginning of the month. I really like the ship customizations and like that you can also customize your base. All the ways you can customize are just amazing.
  9. Sadebreth

    @Sum1 went and got married

    Conga Rats!! May you always be happy and healthy in you journey.
  10. Sadebreth

    My new fleet so far

    Found out it was the Carak Expedition that comes with the Ursa. Nice. The bad part is that the Expedition pack comes with a Carrak Expedition and an Aquila but you only get one Ursa in your hanger in game.
  11. Sadebreth

    Well $#1t

    Congrats. That is awesome
  12. Sadebreth

    My new fleet so far

    OH!! I got an Ursa in my hanger in game that I didn't have before I bought it so I thought it came from that. I know the Aquila comes with one., Thank you for the link. Very helpful
  13. Sadebreth

    My new fleet so far

    Until I change it again that is. I will likely keep these for a while though. I believe the Andromeda comes with a Ursa Rover and small fighter but I have to look it up and add them. Is there is a website with a list of what the bigger ships come with? Like I stated above, the Andromeda comes...
  14. Sadebreth

    I give up.

    The only reason I even launch the.... ummmm..... program? now is so I can show my kids the interiors of my ships. I don't really want to call it a game at this point.
  15. Sadebreth

    F*ck Cancer. A tribute to those we've lost.

    😭 My condolences to you and your family. Will keep you in my families prayers. I lost my wife of nearly 24 years to cancer in 2016. Fuck Cancer!!
  16. Sadebreth

    Greetings and salutations fellow earthlings!

    Fellow Earthlings?? Take that back!!! I identify as an alien ham sandwich from Uranus. 🤣🤣🤣 Welcome to the funny farm!!!
  17. Sadebreth

    Montoya Podcast with Space Tomato

    I liked a lot of the talking points but some things you had to say about development kind of scared me. Is what we are seeing 10 years of development? In my opinion no. Bugs that were there when they released Orisan are still prevalent like the elevator monsters, ships that blow up for no real...
  18. Sadebreth

    Another big youtuber Jayvee discovers Star Citizen

    How he started is pretty much how I started. I was always afraid to ask questions in game because I watch some people get torched for doing it. I figured everything out myself by watch youtube videos and such on how to do different things. It actually took me about 4 hours just to figure out...
  19. Sadebreth

    Depression and gaming

    I have suffered from depression all my life because of various things my dad and my step-mom did to me when I was really young and my parents divorce. I used games as an escape, but nothing could prepare me for watching my wife of nearly 24 years die of cancer in 2016. We found out she had...
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