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  1. Ayeteeone

    999th TEST Squadron still possible to earn!!!

    FINALLY! Much gratitude to TheDJBuntin-CIG who graciously looked up what I was missing. MM Vanduul Swarm hadn't been credited; even though I'd earned the Aggressor badge apparently I had not allowed the game to finish completely. By which it means everyone in the mission has to play until we...
  2. Ayeteeone

    The making of an LTI Polaris (IAE 2953).

    It's a good question for you to ask. Lots of 'newer' folks joining the ranks, and even some long time backers who haven't been engaged with it. The CCU system as they've described it is fairly stable today, but it has evolved considerably over the years with lots of interaction between CIG and...
  3. Ayeteeone

    8th TESTiversary?!

    HooRAH @Blind Owl I just passed a mere 5, and it's like.. what? How? Clearly no one has closed the TEST bar yet ;) Now that you're back get in here and crash some of those ships with the rest of us!
  4. Ayeteeone

    TEST Achievement Unlocked

    Crash we MUST; why not do it with Style :like:
  5. Ayeteeone

    I flew something I shouldn't have.

    Yes. A little bit of thought will be able to sidestep the existing bubble at most locations. Many players will not do this, however, and most NPC's will be easy pickings. I can see where some high level NPC's would include nav routines to avoid snares; would bet money on it actually, as CIG has...
  6. Ayeteeone

    TEST Achievement Unlocked

    As is usual for shows like the IAE, the floor sales staff was eager to sell ships and quite willing to haggle price. (Just ask @Brictoria ) After some wrangling with the RSI reps I was able to trade a zero kilometer, original issue Hoverquad into a brand new Aurora, and not just any, but the...
  7. Ayeteeone

    I flew something I shouldn't have.

    Snares were set up originally to drop the ship being stopped about 18km away, somewhere on a sphere around the Mantis. Our testing with them consistently placed the 'target' ship at that distance, meaning the chase would be on. I haven't tested it at all recently, so that may have been...
  8. Ayeteeone

    looks like i now own a Polaris

  9. Ayeteeone

    Hello 'Test' World

    Welcome to TEST! And thank you for support this mutual.. ah.. celebration of technology. Yeah. that one. Get set up into the Discord server.. that's where stuff is happening and people are there damn near all the time.
  10. Ayeteeone

    B-21 - US New AI Bomber

    Lots of stuff here... Going to point out that 'recently' isn't even close to the truth, Muilenberg was shown the door 4 years ago. And the investment firm he founded afterward has failed too. Good riddance to bad leadership. There is much more to this story but the tl:dr is that all the...
  11. Ayeteeone

    Arrastra QnA open on Spectrum

    Probably within the next 12 months as one of the ships CIG showed a silhouette for. Even if not, they showed us whitebox visuals for some of it, so there are people working the ship. The Orion, on the other hand, will likely continue to languish alongside the Endeavor. More important to my...
  12. Ayeteeone

    IAE 2953 WB CCU watch

    I'm glad it's not just me noticing.. CIG does seem to be leaning HEAVY into the warbond CCU's, more than I have paid attention to in the past anyway. With stuff that was on hand already, this Polaris finishes up at $310. A happy result. 🍻
  13. Ayeteeone

    I flew something I shouldn't have.

    You can get into Arena Commander and test part of the system right now with the Gladius. SCM control includes 'boost' which is your max G accelerations and only lasts as long as you have boost to spend. NAV mode is also available. This is where your weapons turn off and the shield energy is...
  14. Ayeteeone

    I flew something I shouldn't have.

    This also includes a re-tuning of every ship in the game, although that will mostly apply to medium and below. Ships from the Connie size and up are (per Yogi) intended to fight more 'Naval style' than anything resembling dogfighting. Along with this the combination of resource management...
  15. Ayeteeone

    Help wanted: Larger ships & mastermodes, there was some news but I seem to have forgotten the details

    In one of the recent videos John Crewe addressed the question. There wasn't much detail but the underlying idea is that big ships should not feel too threatened by smaller ships. Armor, weapon changes, resource management, turret improvements, and the much higher durability of larger ships is...
  16. Ayeteeone

    Hello hej hej from Sweden

    Hey welcome to TEST! Former Eve Uni instructor here; was a solid group of people who really want to help, and I made a lot of friends while there. TEST here in SC is not the same kind of organization, but it is friendly and relaxed (might be the beer). There are a bunch of knowledgeable...
  17. Ayeteeone

    take my nursing class

    Reported. Pure spammage.
  18. Ayeteeone

    I flew something I shouldn't have.

    @Southern_Cross_07 might be referring to @Richard Bong 's earlier post about the Ares having 20 size 3 missiles. Not quite as many as the MIS but not far off. I'm also going to point out that it's two swappable hardpoints are SIZE 5, meaning they can carry torpedoes. Ares is there when you...
  19. Ayeteeone

    I flew something I shouldn't have.

    Dos answer es si, they do fill a roll. Pretty much just ONE role, and that is designated hitter. It's the single seat fighter concept taken to a logical extreme. As @Richard Bong aptly pointed out up above, the Eclipse does a very similar job while providing some capacity to fill other niches as...
  20. Ayeteeone

    I flew something I shouldn't have.

    @Blind Owl They have been 'un-nerfed' somewhat, to the extent that the guns actually hit targets again. Still takes some patience to make use of, and a player in a light fighter is the stated (and effective) counter to these ships. I bought mine back out, and have been enjoying them for...
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