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  1. Hydro_Axis

    I've Recently upgraded my gaming rig and I'm selling what i no longer need :)

    Hey guys So i recently upgraded my Gaming rig and thought i would give my TESTies first dibs on the parts i no longer need. Intel i5-6600k LGA 1151 - $150 16 gb (2x8gb) G. Skill RipJaws V DDR4 2400mhz RAM - $75 Both items are in excellent shape and in perfect working order. PM me and let me...
  2. Hydro_Axis

    Fun RSI drama!

  3. Hydro_Axis

    GRASP FPS Training

    Count me in Brotha ;)
  4. Hydro_Axis

    ....and then I found this.

    This is halarious!!!! First i've seen or heard of it..
  5. Hydro_Axis

    Unholy Tournament of Test Squadron!! for 2.6!!! Let the games begin!!!!

    Demien Level 1 Demien Level 2 After scouring the web for a bit this is all i could find. I don't know how accurate they are but i thought it was worth posting.
  6. Hydro_Axis

    Post your Presents!

    I considered it, but all my rigs internals, and headset are red and black so thats what i went with.
  7. Hydro_Axis

    Post your Presents!

    New Gaming Chair from Santa :)
  8. Hydro_Axis

    TEST Squadron Discord Theme (v 0.1.1)

    Not working for me either :(
  9. Hydro_Axis

    Hey bro. Just noticed a bunch of join requests on the GTA V TEST Social Club. I cross ref'd w/...

    Hey bro. Just noticed a bunch of join requests on the GTA V TEST Social Club. I cross ref'd w/ the members on the TEST site and added those who are registered. You were one of the names i found. Just wanted to let you know you are now a member of the TEST CREW. GRATZ!
  10. Hydro_Axis


  11. Hydro_Axis

    I dont need no stinking Buccaneer

    Forget the jolly roger....slap a TEST sticker on the side if you want to instill fear.
  12. Hydro_Axis

    HCS Voice pack review

    I just picked up "Midnight". I havent tried it in the verse yet but i'm pleased with what i've heard so far...
  13. Hydro_Axis

    GIVEAWAY: Ashes of the Singularity Game Codes

    Excellent! I'll try to run it on my laptop as I am at the office right now but if it doesn't work well I'll wait til I get home and install it on my rig.
  14. Hydro_Axis

    GIVEAWAY: Ashes of the Singularity Game Codes
  15. Hydro_Axis

    1 Week Snap Giveaway - Aurora LN

    it's still kinda early for me to decide, but after much thought, I'm leaning more towards "space trucking" merch around the verse. Whether it's goods mined by our "Rock Raiders", or something similar, I plan to be star bound and down a majority of the time. I'd also like to assist other...
  16. Hydro_Axis

    Show off your rig!

  17. Hydro_Axis

    Show off your rig!

    Finally got my new rig built :) Case - Fractal Design Define S Mobo - MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Ram - 16 gb G.Skill Ripjaws CPU - Intel i5 6600K Cooler - CryoRig H7 GPU - MSI R9 390 Gaming 8gb Pwr - EVGA SuperNova 750W G2 HDD - WD Blue 1TB 7200 rpm COMING SOON - Dual SSD's
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