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  1. Superkazy

    Harro there

    Welcome, We south african boertjies will take over SC and rule the galaxy ....:D
  2. Superkazy

    Mandatory introduction thing...dying without scars sucks.

    Welcome , Welcome sunshine :D
  3. Superkazy

    Hi all, Why are most of the members not on Discord?

    Haha some of you misunderstood me ... All I wanted was just pop in once in a while and make yourself known. I know most of us have IRL stuff to do, but popping in once a month or so for a 5min chat is still better than nothing and probably all could give 5 mins in a month. Just want to chat...
  4. Superkazy

    Get on Discord brother haven't spoken to you yet!

    Get on Discord brother haven't spoken to you yet!
  5. Superkazy

    its me the new flying jackass

    Welcome we take people from all walks of life!
  6. Superkazy

    Hello from Lithran Bashir

    Welcome fellow Testie!
  7. Superkazy

    whaleman takes the stage

    WELCOME! Dont ever drop your beer!~
  8. Superkazy


    Greetings and Welcome!
  9. Superkazy

    Hello I am a new

    Welcome gentleman!
  10. Superkazy


    Welcome ,good attitude you will fit right in.
  11. Superkazy


    Welcome good sir!
  12. Superkazy

    Hello there, ladies and gents.

    Welkom hier!
  13. Superkazy

    Snub fighter of Doom

  14. Superkazy

    Me Productions Introducing: Me

  15. Superkazy

    Totally Not Secretly A Cat

    Welcome to the land of no water , where there is just beer and good people....sounds like bliss doesnt it?
  16. Superkazy

    I'm the right_guy

    Welcome ...Have a beer on me!
  17. Superkazy

    Testing is my favorite

    Welcome come and make some jokes with us on Discord!
  18. Superkazy

    Hey guys!

    Welcome ...all are welcome as long as they like beer.
  19. Superkazy

    Agnostic Angel

    Come and join us on discord...dont be shy we don't bite ....much :D
  20. Superkazy


    Welcome to Test Squadron!
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