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  1. Devil Dog Hog

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    I think we might be low balling at 2000 pages, might have to bump it up a bit.
  2. Devil Dog Hog

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    HAPPY 4th OF JULY MY AMERICAN BRETHREN! I would like to start this day off with a bang by brining our favorite necrotic thread back to the top and get this ball rolling again. 2000 pages or bust!
  3. Devil Dog Hog

    Anyone catch this on ISC?

    What I want to know is what the hell is this blured out mode?
  4. Devil Dog Hog

    Anyone catch this on ISC?

    Yea, I saw that, and this one too.
  5. Devil Dog Hog

    I got an Idris in my Cart. Any tips....

    Soooooo these Idris, their just so we can haul our Auroras around for when we need to blot out the sun right, not like were gona use them to do anything else really. Like a big ferry to go to the car show kinda thing. Riiiiiiiiiight.
  6. Devil Dog Hog

    Hi from Tokyo, Japan!

    Make sure to stock up the hospital ships you own with Kirin, Asahi, or Sapporo so we can have a cold one after revival. Welcome aboard.
  7. Devil Dog Hog

    Forget jumppoint, wormhole is the new thing :)

    This reminds me of my honeymoon night. There was lots of butter involved. . . maybe some pancakes. Definitely maple syrup, pure canadian.
  8. Devil Dog Hog

    Will there be steaming piles?

    Sarcasm aside, Ryan Enright is a member of the 42nd Squadron and appears in Squadron 42 during the Battle of Vega II. He flies an Anvil F8 Lightning and appears to command the squadron, comprising of Cal Mason in an Anvil Hornet and several Aegis Retaliators. He is portrayed by Henry Cavill.
  9. Devil Dog Hog

    I ended up not buying the RSI Galaxy

    I already own the ship that is the jack of all trades. The Endeavor lives, if not in reality then at least in my heart.
  10. Devil Dog Hog

    The Black and Yellow Corsair is sexy AF!

    If I squint really hard and put a couple of beers in me that ship as damn near as attractive as my wife when I do the same thing.
  11. Devil Dog Hog

    3.18 pushed back

    I agree that the pushback was probably the best move considering most of the initial tests that they do with patches are always bug ridden and 30 K prone not to mention the death elevators. And considering how many people usually log on for the IAE it’s Best to have something stable and can...
  12. Devil Dog Hog

    Citizencon 2022

    You had me at "Low hanging fruit"
  13. Devil Dog Hog

    I give up.

    I completely understand and acknowledge your feelings on this delay of the game. I also whole heartedly agree that taking a break from the stress of this roller coaster development cycle is probably the best for your mental and physical well being. If there is any thing we can do to help support...
  14. Devil Dog Hog

    Citizencon 2022

    This citizencon was bullshit! Where was my digital beers to get hammered on, where was my simulated puke, and dont get me started on the lack of a logout screen while hugging the non-functioning space toilets (though thats not far from my reality; yellow let it mellow, brown force it down). I...
  15. Devil Dog Hog

    F*ck Cancer. A tribute to those we've lost.

    Dad to abdominal mesothelioma, Valentine's Day 2014. Fuck Cancer.
  16. Devil Dog Hog

    Cyberpunk 2077 Expansion - Phantom Liberty — Official Teaser

    not buying into it again unless multiplayer happens.
  17. Devil Dog Hog

    Best Stealth Transport

    One might say it would of flown under the radar. Been an invisible issue. Sight unseen. A stealthy oversight of an almost invisible line that was unknowingly there. It could of been hard to track. . . . ok I'm out of puns, someone else take it (if you can find it, ooooooo last one I swear)
  18. Devil Dog Hog

    Best Stealth Transport

    It would be cool if we could do some S.E.A.D. (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense) game play as a way to offset some of the drawbacks of the EM and IR sig's. Decoys, drones, and other optional tactics could make doing cargo runs (smuggling) alot more interesting.
  19. Devil Dog Hog

    Not far from $500 million in funding UPDATE - 500 Mil hit

    All I heard was that the bubbles in my beer are entangled with my tongue when I chug in a clockwise direction and that my twin brother in the southern hemisphere will also have his beer chug swirl in a counter clockwise direction, thus we will both be inebriated at the same time and drunk...
  20. Devil Dog Hog

    Not far from $500 million in funding UPDATE - 500 Mil hit

    I like it, lets do it, and lets make them also give us a fluid dynamic simulation of the puke based on the types of food and drink we've been giving our avatar when we vomit inside our helmets and only have a minute to remove it before we suffocate on our own wretched cud or button smash...
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