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  1. Tarra

    First Edition Jump Point in Hardback, Mint

    I have a first edition hardback issue of Jump Point setting around gathering dust $50.00 plus shipping.
  2. Tarra

    o7 Greetings all

    Welcome to the party
  3. Tarra

    For the Salvage peeps

    Very Cool
  4. Tarra

    Nova Tank Sale

    Anyone know where the Nova Tank is being sold in game?
  5. Tarra

    Excited for the Ares?

    It is going to be interesting.
  6. Tarra

    Overland Navagation

    Thats is a hell of an idea I also use a cutty red. I wonder what will fit in the back.
  7. Tarra

    Overland Navagation

    I am trying to do a bunker mission on Hurston but the weather is terrible. I have to land the ship a couple thousand meters away from the target just to avoid the batteries protecting it. The weather is so terribvle visibility is limited at best to none at all. Is there a tool or trick to...
  8. Tarra

    BMM Hype!

    Good luck I am at 50% took better than a year to get it
  9. Tarra

    TSMC - Defend the Scrap | Sunday June 13th

    Really enjoyed the shootout and meeting fellow testes. I didn't realize that by running around with you reprobates I would end up in prision for my first time LOL.
  10. Tarra

    BMM Hype!

    It about friggen time!!!!!!!! Banu Merchantman - LTI Attributed Created: November 26, 2013...
  11. Tarra

    CFT - Downed Hammer, Saturday May 1st 19:45 UTC / 3:45 PM EDT

    Here is my list of fighters. I will upgrade any one you think we need. I have a Hurricane already done but if we are allowed one heavy it needs to be with a better driver. Banu Defender light Mustang Delta light Aegis Gladius light Aurora LN...
  12. Tarra

    Where's the beer?

    Hello all My name Tarra . I have been a member of Star Citizen since the beginning in 2012. I had originally planned on a solo adventure. You know a little mining, a little cargo work etc. One day I realized there was so much more than to this game, I grabbed a bunch of star citizens and...
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