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  1. FZD

    Engineering gameplay in 2.23

    2.23 seems to be getting even better While it's not 'even' a T0 implementation of Engineering gameplay in the 'verse, we will get to try out engineering gameplay in an Arena Commander experimental mode. This is a very good way of introducing a totally new mechanic (or engineer) to the 'verse...
  2. FZD

    Turns out distribution centers are the next iteration of Jumptown

    Unlike the name would suggest, distribution centers have less to do with hauling gameplay, and are more like targets for bombing and assault. This is rather disappointing, as I was hoping CIG would finally flesh out non-combat professions a bit more. Sigh.
  3. FZD

    Is the game playing or am I kicked?

    If there's no error code and it's just a crash, then that certainly doesn't sound like a ban. Check if you have ...\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE\game.log (just 'game' if you got file extensions hidden) or anything under %appdata%\roaming\rsilauncher\logs (could also be under local...
  4. FZD

    Is the game playing or am I kicked?

    As @Talonsbane suggests, knowing what the error is would be more helpful than knowing the color the error box is. Also, if you can log in to RSI website, making a support ticket sooner would be better than doing one later. Support can take a while to get back to you.
  5. FZD

    Evocati patch notes no longer under NDA

    Ooh! Cool! The patch notes can now be viewed here
  6. FZD

    3.23 is bringing in some desperately needed basic features

    The next patch is looking, well, quite awesome. We're finally getting the star map rework, fps map, personal hangars, cargo missions, blockade events, EVA T2, item recovery, bank, freight elevators, master modes and the next version of replication layer. That's a pretty huge set of features...
  7. FZD

    The next roadmap update is on February 7th

    The wait, is over.
  8. FZD

    Cruisader cockpit

    ... aaand I now realize that video was about dual 4k projector setup as well. (got fooled by the thumbnail) Yeah, projectors are definitely the way to go I think.
  9. FZD

    Cruisader cockpit

    That room is cool certainly very cool, but if I spent $30k I would be pretty pissed about that discontinuity between the screens. Hm. Well, there's not really any 195" (to replace 3x65") ultra wide monitor available. In fact, I think he's using the largest ultrawide monitor as his dashboard...
  10. FZD

    Liquid Cooled SSD

    I cursory search into the subject suggest that it'd be theoretically possible to overclock an SSD, but access to those settings would pretty much need to be provided by the manufacturer. People are also suggesting this would likely increase the error rate by a lot. I also figure that for...
  11. FZD

    HH turret

    Yeah, I can imagine it'd look something like this: (Added just plain font below to clarify) :like:
  12. FZD

    HH turret

    Yeah, it certainly looks very cool. Shame he's not firing at anything specific other than just ground. Like at least throw a junker car there, wouldn't even cost anything compared to the bullets.
  13. FZD

    HH turret

    Well, that seems fun. And cool. And expensive AF. Firing a M134 at full speed (why'd you add more miniguns if you're not even maxing out the one?) costs like $2,580 per minute. So putting four of them together would be $10k. Per minute. Even the lowest speed would still be like $3k per minute...
  14. FZD

    The next roadmap update is on February 7th

    Just posting this here since I keep forgetting. Sucks to wait for a whole month >_>
  15. FZD

    A2 and Steel CCUs on random Warbond sale

    So the full list seems to be 100i (Holiday upgrade = Ship + Paint ) Avenger Titan (Holiday upgrade) Nomad (Holiday upgrade) C1 Spirit (WB CCU) SRV (WB CCU) Cutlass Steel (WB CCU) San'Tok.Yai (WB CCU) A2 Hercules (WB CCU) Thanks for the heads up!
  16. FZD

    Let's talk C1

    Ehh... getting creative can get pretty troublesome tbh, nor is it anything exclusive to C1. In any case, if you want to focus on cargo exclusively, you should probably not be comparing jack of all trades... es. Jacks of all trades? What's the plural here? The way I see it, if you want a...
  17. FZD

    New Patch

    I just wanna know the roadmap for 2024. Will we get engineering gameplay. At what point will we get hauling contracts. How many star systems can we expect next year, one is certain but they've worked on more. And how long does it take to churn out a system now that they've gotten pretty much all...
  18. FZD

    Star Citizen wins Worst MMO Business Model from Massively OP. Again.

    And if CIG doesn't immediately stop this nonsensical crowdfunding model and admit it is a scam, then in a years time massively OP will write yet another sternly written public admonishment of how CIG is succeeding in developing their game. Chris Roberts is no doubt clogging the freelancer's...
  19. FZD

    Star Citizen 2024 Forecast

    I don't think we'd be seeing RSI Perseus, specifically because the part of the ship team making RSI ships is busy with the Polaris. Think RSI Galaxy is unlikely for the same reason. We might be seeing Zeus, as it's smaller.
  20. FZD

    Star Citizen 2024 Forecast

    Something like 2 or 3 brand new straight to flyable ships. Polaris has a very good chance of making it, but CIG is known to over promise. Don't expect any other capital ship, it's gonna be Polaris or bust. Ships I'm near certain about: Apollo Medivac E1 Spirit Ships that I feel have a decent...
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