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  1. Drowez

    The Outside: The Philosophical Hyjack Thread

    That sounds like a good trip....Shrooms or doses? :glorious:
  2. Drowez

    Greetings and Salutations

    Welcome to the crew!
  3. Drowez

    Greetings Test Squadron,

    Congrats and welcome to the crew.
  4. Drowez

    Greetings and Salutations

    Welcome to Test!
  5. Drowez


    Welcome to Test and the world of SC!
  6. Drowez

    Super Citizen

    Acting like they are reinventing the wheel, these features are in other games and should already be in SC. Pretty disappointed after a two month wait to be honest. actual interact key lol
  7. Drowez

    Retro Gaming

    Ultima Online
  8. Drowez

    [WTB] 2949 Reclaimer BIS CCU

  9. Drowez

    [WTB] 2949 Reclaimer BIS CCU

    Looking to pick one up if anyone has a spare, thanks.
  10. Drowez

    The making of an LTI Polaris (IAE 2953).

    Amazing write up and explanation!
  11. Drowez

    Welp! Here Goes Nothing!!

  12. Drowez

    My current setup

    That looks fun!
  13. Drowez

    Looking for help to buy a new PC mouse

    Can't speak to ask your technical needs but this is the best Star Citizen mouse!!
  14. Drowez

    Brictoria's Buybacks

    Appreciate it!
  15. Drowez

    Brictoria's Buybacks

    Do you have any Hull D CCU's available?
  16. Drowez

    Hello from a Florida man!

    Welcome to TEST! Lets go Seminoles!!!
  17. Drowez


    Was on the internet lol....Nah there was a spectrum post about it. Just another "clerical" error. :wut:
  18. Drowez


    I swear to God the management of this project is run like the US Government :glorious:
  19. Drowez


    Damn I wish I could see the future..... CIG fisting themselves again with no Vaseline. Shit is rigged.
  20. Drowez

    Star Citizen community hitting cycle lows

    Don't will soon be able to play the 2023 Wing Commander newly renamed Arena Commander! :wut:
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