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  1. Han Burgundy

    Greetings Test Squadron,

    Welkom in de waanzin. Mogen onze schepen de zon verdrijven! Buffel kast. Foutieve geur. Gratis vertaling door een man genaamd Karl
  2. Han Burgundy


    "Holy shit...It's a cat"
  3. Han Burgundy

    Super Citizen

    Only cool guys fire their gun while floating backwards through the void. I wonder if I can accelerate using the recoil of the rail gun....hmmm
  4. Han Burgundy

    If You Could...

    Oh yeah. Robbie Kinevel can suck it! I'm jumping the snake river canyon on skis made of crystal meth!
  5. Han Burgundy

    The last Disney Star Wars movie

    Do what they may with Star Wars, they will undoubtedly overcorrect by casting Dwayne The Rock Johnson to play Sunshine Sparkle in the upcoming My Little Pony project. They're good at missing the mark by a mile.
  6. Han Burgundy

    The Acolyte

    I was gonna say....are we all here to talk about the obvious fake trailer or what? I...I just don't get it. Folks will make a shitty trailer and then other folks will point to it as evidence that said series is going to suck. Like...I have my doubts too...But I don't see who this helps. Let's...
  7. Han Burgundy

    Greetings from the frozen tundra that is central Ohio

    Welcome aboard! You like shiny things? We've got whos-its and whats-its galore...And generational alcoholism. That too.
  8. Han Burgundy

    2954, The Empire and the Senate

    One political thing that interests me about the Duul is: Why seek out conflict when space is rich in resources? Is battle part of their culture in the way that Klingons do? A fun Endgame DLC would be finding out that the Vanduul are invading human space because they are RUNNING...
  9. Han Burgundy

    AI Adjacent

    If all that you encounter all day every day are immature assholes, then maybe....
  10. Han Burgundy

    AI Adjacent

    Haha the inevitable curveball to all AI conversations these days. Here, let me put my soap box back in the vacuum closet for this one. AI NPC characters are all but going to be required in all games that want to call themselves "Open World" here pretty soon. All the pieces are there. Generative...
  11. Han Burgundy

    AI Adjacent

    I can definitely tell you spent a lot of time alive during the cold war. Still wake up in a cold sweat over the REDS, do we? And you're right, for the most part. Mute Fox News for a second and take the terrifying leap of entertaining an opposing viewpoint for a heartbeat. Scary, I know, but I'm...
  12. Han Burgundy

    AI Adjacent

    AI will definitely spell the end for Capitalism, at least in a classical sense. The direction we go from there is up to us. AI can be leveraged to either oppress and ultimately destroy us or lift us from the pit of our collective misery. Determining the path we're on is going to be easy as well...
  13. Han Burgundy

    Can we get these bot accounts to screw off? Thaaaanks.

    Can we get these bot accounts to screw off? Thaaaanks.
  14. Han Burgundy

    Starfield - Discussion Thread

    A mile wide, but an inch deep. Elite Dangerous had the same problem for me. After a while it is just the same thing, rinse and repeat. It's alright for a bit of mindless gunplay, I suppose, but they really whiffed on giving the player a REASON to keep playing.
  15. Han Burgundy

    Mixologist Masters Class

    1: Add 2 shots of fireball to any hard cider or 2: Lagavulin 12-Year + Ice + Grumpy stare out the window at the driveway
  16. Han Burgundy

    VIRPIL throttle issues

    Do y'all have the Virpil management software? A firmware update on your base might help. (Warbird + Deltas)
  17. Han Burgundy

    Oh this is just how the CIA passes coded messages to their operatives. Green Snake Placenta...

    Oh this is just how the CIA passes coded messages to their operatives. Green Snake Placenta Orange. See that? Totally just ordered a guy to rob a bank in a photo-realistic Nancy Reagan mask
  18. Han Burgundy

    What do you use your ships for?

    My fleet is designed to play off of one another, so each ship can in some way compliment the others (ish) Step 1: Take my Pisces out and pick up a delivery mission Step 2: Fly around pinging until I find some good loot Step 3: Leave mission boxes at loot site and return to station Step 4: Pull...
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