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  1. JonSpencer

    Crypto discussion

    AltCoin Daily doing a piece on Bill Miller's portfolio. He talks the why around 1:30 on his decision to keep half his billions into crypto.
  2. JonSpencer

    Crypto discussion

    I love the's HODL Heaven.
  3. JonSpencer

    GhostSquadron, the most paranoid and insane member of the SC Community

    Crazy, incoherent ramblings, obvious paranoid and delusional...yea, he's too normal to be in TEST!
  4. JonSpencer

    Will SC ever be released - out of Alpha or Beta?

    2-5 years. This time frame will be the make or break for the game and the company IMO. It has taken a long time, granted, but they have made some major improvements over the last few patches, and pieces...while still broken, are staring to come together. If they can keep the momentum and...
  5. JonSpencer

    Derail This Thread Thread

    Nice, very moving and emotional composition! Now, try and get through this without squirting a tear!
  6. JonSpencer

    Depression and gaming

    Just found this 5 year old thread, but nice comforting to know there are others here dealing with the same stuff. Some days gaming helps, some days it brings back too many memories. Hurts most when family/friends, who want to help, inadvertently 'condemn' you for your SI - aka "Oh, you...
  7. JonSpencer

    My first organisation

    Welcome aboard!
  8. JonSpencer

    Hi! New to SC!

    Welcome aboard!
  9. JonSpencer

    We got mentioned in last weeks SC Live Vid!!

    Wasn't there a band called "Flock of Auroras"?
  10. JonSpencer

    Derail This Thread Thread

    Identity Politics - Man required to state in Court "I'm not a cat!" Someone please insult me...
  11. JonSpencer

    Derail This Thread Thread

    Halt Logic!
  12. JonSpencer


    Welcome aboard!
  13. JonSpencer

    Derail This Thread Thread

    Great job TEST! Keep up the good work. Here's a little snack to maintain your energy.
  14. JonSpencer

    Derail This Thread Thread

    Honey Badger don't give a shit!
  15. JonSpencer

    TEST Org - In games Roles and Ranks

    Look...I just want to get promoted...and all I want to know is who I have to bribe, sleep with, and/or arrange an 'accident' for to get there.
  16. JonSpencer

    Derail This Thread Thread

    Even after you shower, you still smell like the taint of road-kill skunk.
  17. JonSpencer

    Star Citizen Xenothreat feedback vid

    I like the content, but IMO, this is not what I would have the team working on. Trade broke, mining problematic, delivery broke, BH works...but don't spawn an Idris or the server goes to crap. Squadron 42 in who knows where...and a roadmap to a roadmap in the very recent past. Too me it...
  18. JonSpencer

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    I went to a church once where I think they were Moshing...but there was no band! 🥴
  19. JonSpencer

    Five years in this Org?!?

    Congrats! 5 years here is like 3,641.288987 years in any other org! That number is of course just an approximation.
  20. JonSpencer

    Derail This Thread Thread

    RULES: (1) If someone posts a question, ignore it and discuss something else. (2) If you can't ignore it, only respond with an answer that is completely irrelevant to their question. (3) If someone makes a general statement, personal insults should be hurled, but no coherent arguments are to be...
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