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  1. Lockewood

    GhostSquadron, the most paranoid and insane member of the SC Community

    That was some good drama.
  2. Lockewood

    Projected gameplay

    I will be working hard for the in-game-credits to buy a big ass ship, probably the Carrack!! I guess i'll be fighting battles for the highest bidders and try to polish up on my racing for the glory of the speed-god Shive. After that I'll gather up me a BEST crew, and fly around the Verse looking...
  3. Lockewood

    Hello!! <3

  4. Lockewood

    Logo stealing sons of drunkards!

    I am always inebriated! Who has time to be sober?
  5. Lockewood

    Logo stealing sons of drunkards!

    Let's settle this with a good old fashioned brawl! Then drink until we forget who won.
  6. Lockewood

    Shive, please stop sending me nudes.

    Whatever gets your rocks off! Where are the bikini shots with our favorite racing ships? I am thinking "TEST: Swim Suites Edition!"
  7. Lockewood

    VirtualAss threatens Montoya and all 13,000 members of TEST!

    This Virtualass guy needs to crawl back under a rock somewhere.
  8. Lockewood

    VirtualAce caught Cheating - former AA member LiQuldAiR testifies

    If this is true then CIG should ban 'em!
  9. Lockewood

    Im nox buying any more ships.

    Oh, so tempted! Must resist!!!
  10. Lockewood

    Does being a part of the alpha ruin some of the surprise factor?

    I think the surprises will be limitless with this game. Just gotta get that BETA!
  11. Lockewood

    Hello from Texas!

    Welcome to TEST!
  12. Lockewood

    TEST Skull and Bones

    I still want to see a Pirates of Dark Water game! This Skull and Bones looks cool!
  13. Lockewood

    Six S9 torpedos to take down the shields of an Idris

    Awesome ship, hope I get the chance to pilot one!
  14. Lockewood

    [T3] Misconceptions of TEST

    Misconceptions are a byproduct of being legendary. All hail Locke... Ahem, I mean MONTOYA!
  15. Lockewood!

  16. Lockewood

    TESTies, how did you think up your current handles?

    Blind Owl, buddy, I am calling an exorcist. You've had one to many bottled spirits!
  17. Lockewood

    Give me some likes pls.

    How could I resist?
  18. Lockewood

    TESTies, how did you think up your current handles?

    I came up with my name after watching Top Gun around the time I first discovered SC. I wanted a name that sounded like a call-sign and a last name. Hence Lockewood was born!
  19. Lockewood

    Happy Birthday to our Glorious Leader

    Happy Birthday! I'll drink a cold one for you, boss!
  20. Lockewood

    The Last Jedi Trailer

    I remain critical of this final arc. The Jedi end? WTF!? The Jedi and the Sith mythology are barely explored in the cinematic editions of the story so I am sad they are doing away with them. I guess I will hope for an Old Republic story to explore those mysteries... I am skeptical, but I really...
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