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  1. R3AP3RW1LLY

    Acrylic TEST logos for sale

    Hey Doc Flanigan, Do you do this for a living? If so I'm really interested to chat about some arcylic logos id like to get done for my office and some to affix to server racks and hardware boxes... I like to keep my business local or to people I "associate" with... Also I have some really...
  2. R3AP3RW1LLY

    IAE Pledge guide

    I'm, gonna be running into the Red Room with a Stolen Credit card screaming TAKE MY MONEY CHRIS, My Credit Accounts are yours now.
  3. R3AP3RW1LLY

    07 From the New Guy

    Yes I joined discord channel last night, I'm doing some "official" marriage duties (changing batteries in smoke detectors) can't have those fire investigators snooping around... once I'm done there, I'll jump into discord! Looking forward to it!
  4. R3AP3RW1LLY

    07 From the New Guy

    Your close with the pronunciation.. it's Reaperwilly Raid away, my doors are always unlocked
  5. R3AP3RW1LLY

    07 From the New Guy

    You know, I have no idea.. But im always down to risk blindness.. Will have to have a nip..
  6. R3AP3RW1LLY

    07 From the New Guy

    Hey all, Great to be here, looking forward to all the adventures I'm going to turn into a glorious fireball. I've been playing for 30 days, and pretty sure I've been given all the wrong advice, so hey, lets drink some beer and watch me blow up. Occasionally I get lucky and actually land. Med...
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