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  1. Bonsai

    Pop Quiz (Sep 23)

    Looks like Reclamation & Disposal Orinth
  2. Bonsai

    Upcoming Subscriber Flairs (Updated regularly)

    well at least there's a black one
  3. Bonsai

    Bounty Hunting Service

    @marcsand2 for this week, you can add me for Thu & Fri: 18:00 - 22:00 UTC Sat & Sun: 18:00 - 20:00 UTC And, during the week I am generally available from 04:30 - 07:00 UTC
  4. Bonsai

    Bounty Hunting Service

    You can see it in Delphi (the reputation app). The certificates are from the Civilian Defense Force Bounty Hunters Guild. And the region specific ones give you a payout bonus. Also, I believe you don't need any rep for the mission givers, at least not for Miles Eckhart
  5. Bonsai

    Upcoming Subscriber Flairs (Updated regularly)

    It will for me. I will take it out for some Screenshots, lose it and then do a Character Reset :D
  6. Bonsai

    New player, new member

    Welcome :o7: Well, it depends on what exactly you want. If you want to play other flight Sims HOTAS is good, but if you only want it for SC (and other space games with 6DOF), I'd recommend going for HOSAS instead. Coincidentally the VKB Gladiator NXTs are roughly in the same price range. With...
  7. Bonsai

    God I LOVE Xenothreat!

    Not new, what do you think our monthly Fight Club is all about?
  8. Bonsai

    State of the Squadron 48

    First response to the first response to the first video!
  9. Bonsai

    🕴️TSMC Hostage Situation 🕵️

    Brief: An important transport from Crusader Industries has been attacked and the TEST Yellowjackets were contracted to investigate the incident. COMMANDING OFFICER: @Bonsai Spawn Location: Stanton System -> Crusader -> Grim Hex Comms: TEST Discord -> Voice Chat -> Event Chat Preparations...
  10. Bonsai

    Holiday Hangout - Luminalia Tour SUNDAY December 26, 21:00 UTC - 4:00 PM EDT

    Brief: Celebrate Luminalia together with us as we tour the bars and sceneries of the Stanton System! Start Location: PU -> somewhere in Stanton Start time: 21:00 UTC - 4:00 PM ETD COMMS: TEST Discord -> Voice Chat -> Events Chat
  11. Bonsai

    Upcoming Subscriber Flairs (Updated regularly)

    Just barely, but I would say, yes. I mean it's enough to identify it as Yellow in the heat of battle
  12. Bonsai

    Upcoming Subscriber Flairs (Updated regularly)

    I think it's just the helmet, the armors are already in game.
  13. Bonsai

    Macaque's Marketplace

    Good stuff. Will consider this store again :o7:
  14. Bonsai

    Macaque's Marketplace

  15. Bonsai

    ROC Sized Mining Nodes

    I think that's randomized, so it's probably best to just fly low and slow. Though if you want you can also join the weekly mining co-op:
  16. Bonsai

    ROC Sized Mining Nodes

    Best to check
  17. Bonsai

    ROC Sized Mining Nodes

    They're not exactly rare (depending on your location), but there are some issues with them not properly showing up on your radar/ping so you have to get very close to see them.
  18. Bonsai

    Combat Flight Training (CFT) July 4th 20:00 UTC

    I'll try to be there, not sure if i can make it tho... just wanted to know if spaicord is a must? cause I only have guilded atm (O.o)
  19. Bonsai

    I Think I have a problem (5 years with Test)

    The second step is drowning it in beer, right?
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