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  1. NaffNaffBobFace

    Rebel Moon

    Never heard of this one before, was it a Netflix Original thingamy?
  2. NaffNaffBobFace

    Giggity Giggity - Crafting at it's Best

    My Endeavour has a Supercollider I'm going to use to soup up my 350r to the best it can be. If it can't go as faster than the fastest missile, I'll try my damnedest to get it to go as fast and make sure it'll have the acceleration to make that top speed a decent defence against attack...
  3. NaffNaffBobFace

    Jerry Jr.

    As the BMM are in lore as being handed down through the generations, there is a strong possibility Jerry's is still out there under the command of a decedent :glorious:
  4. NaffNaffBobFace

    Carrack Gold Pass

    The Corsair is weird, it's weighed down with shootahs but not manuverable enough to really be able to bring them to bear on anything which isn't a Caterpillar or Starfarer... ...talking of the 'Farer I did try to take a SF into a few dogfights (solo), it's got 4x s4 at pilot control and...
  5. NaffNaffBobFace

    Hull C First time

    Oh wow, make all the internals like the decks and the engine out of it too? Nice call!
  6. NaffNaffBobFace

    Hull C First time

    I remember when the 600I came out everyone was like 'I crash a lot and that is a glass nose cone' and they responded it was a transparent metal as step g as he test of the ship. So that's a viable option but yes industrial craft never did worry about things like whether you can see out of bits...
  7. NaffNaffBobFace

    Is Polaris Expected to Come during Invictus?

    It's an interesting one, this - as they hear completion on s42 more and more "resources" (people) are being freed up and reallocated to SC. It's pretty impossible to second-hand what's going to happen, look at what happened with the Banu Merchentman it was making great strides then was popped in...
  8. NaffNaffBobFace

    Is buying the Idris P worth it? When is it available for purchase? If I do buy it should I also invest in the K kit?

    Oooof it's a good question, I'd say the K upgrade was definitely worth it but is the P ship itself? There are a lot of known unknowns in regard to Capital ships, the biggest being: - How much Will they cost to run and is that viable for a solo/small group of friends? - How large a crew will you...
  9. NaffNaffBobFace

    Just heard about Star Wars Outlaws

    Good points, if a title is too expensive I usually do wait for it hitting Platinum series status or whatever the modern day equivalent of that is. Still waiting for Armoured Core 6 but it's only a year old and by all accounts is actually decent. Playing the long game on that one.
  10. NaffNaffBobFace

    Just heard about Star Wars Outlaws

    They say actions are louder than words so I look forward to seeing a AAAA's worth of innovation with this one that'll put its name up there with the Genre Defining games we all know: Elite. Sim City. Grand Theft Auto. Minecraft. Star Citizen. ...Star Wars Outlaws? Perhaps, perhaps. But those...
  11. NaffNaffBobFace

    Just heard about Star Wars Outlaws

    Not looking shabby at all but yeah the whole U B I soft thing and their recent comments about not owning software you pay for and seeing some of their older licences being revoked and no longer playable through the launcher (if I've interpreted that correctly) has me spooked and less willing to...
  12. NaffNaffBobFace

    Just heard about Star Wars Outlaws

    Fingers are crossed, the Rim Worlds sounds like it's going to be more exciting than Coruscant would be.
  13. NaffNaffBobFace

    Fallout TV Series Teaser Trailer.

    I accidentally rolled over into Prime this month so I'm in the right position and pretty tempted by this :-)
  14. NaffNaffBobFace

    The last Disney Star Wars movie

    Thanks for stepping back from animosity, it saddens me to hear if I was coming across as such and am delighted to hear you may feel able to move from that place. Never my intention to distress any member of TEST, a passion for exploring a topic is not validation for such an affect on others...
  15. NaffNaffBobFace

    Just heard about Star Wars Outlaws

    Aye, publisher interference is always a concern... I've read a little on line and seems it's set between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi so has potential but if it's filled with loot-box nonsense it's skip the £70 and go back to waiting for SC to be finished :-D
  16. NaffNaffBobFace

    Just heard about Star Wars Outlaws

    Hailed as Star Wars first open world game by Ubisoft. I heard about it as they're advertising the price from £94.99 (GBP) but apparently that's the Gold version and Standard is going to be £70. How do you make £70 seem cheap? Advertise the premium price I suppose :D Other than that, anyone...
  17. NaffNaffBobFace

    The last Disney Star Wars movie

    I have been totally transparent in stating "I don't know" and wanting actual information to research, read, understand and discuss. You pointed out something tangible which I could actually go and read up about so I did and returned with nothing more than the impression I got from what I found...
  18. NaffNaffBobFace

    The last Disney Star Wars movie

    A long time ago in a thread far far away I asked you to define your thinking around apparent agendas you indicated as 'woke' as I really, truly didn't understand and we went round a lot of theories and quite a bit of philosophy but didn't really get anywhere - however that's the first time I've...
  19. NaffNaffBobFace

    Poster I've never seen before on Faint Glen station

    Time for a reunion in a bar that never officially existed in the first place!
  20. NaffNaffBobFace

    “ That’s no moon.”

    Hasgaha made a good'un, why has this not got loads more views? View:
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