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  1. Printimus

    PTU 3.6 now open to all backers

    Free to all! :D
  2. Printimus

    How To Carry a Weapon in an Armistice Zone in Star Citizen

    we can call our security squad.....the banana patrol.
  3. Printimus

    3.6 Vanguard

    Why not join us in game so you can try it out? :like:
  4. Printimus

    Halp!! Kernel Power error ID 41

    Have you tried turning it off and then back on again?
  5. Printimus

    Newsletter cameo

    corporate efficiency intensifies?
  6. Printimus

    Time just flies when you are having fun. LOL

    your old timers is showing!
  7. Printimus

    Proposed Test Squadron Entry Exam

    I am Printimus, and I approve of this message.
  8. Printimus

    Liberty pack and Independence pack on sale

  9. Printimus

    Barry indand - Stay safe - Lots of rainfall

    Where's the beerbulance when you need it!?
  10. Printimus

    About bloody time Wallace got on the forums

    Welcome! About damn time!
  11. Printimus

    POW (Plan of the Week) 8 July - 14 July

    Our hobby of space pixel jpg collecting is silly. lol
  12. Printimus

    POW (Plan of the Week) 8 July - 14 July

    lol as stated by CIG many times before, its not a cargo ship. The main reason you cannot stack it more than 1 level is that the cargo magnets in the floor are not strong enough and you risk your cargo tipping over.
  13. Printimus

    Magazine cover from 2000, 1ghz amazing!

    lol, "Street Legal"
  14. Printimus

    POW (Plan of the Week) 8 July - 14 July

    Do you think it will be viable as a cargo running ship with its very limited capacity? Why would you pick this $400 ship to run cargo over a much cheaper Freelancer or other? ( i think the max amount is shown in the pic above)
  15. Printimus

    POW (Plan of the Week) 8 July - 14 July

    Greetings fellow TESTies! I hope you all are enjoying the testing of 3.6 in PTU. I apologize that this week's POW is a little late, things have been a little hectic for me lately. Plan of the Week 8 July - 14 July Monday, 8 July - Tuesday, 9 July RSI: Lore Post - Portfolio: Rayari Inc...
  16. Printimus

    The Danger Zone

    Your video wont embed.
  17. Printimus

    Ship, Captain, and Crew EVENT 06 July @ 6pm UTC

    Ha, its funny because my relatives come into town this week! While I may be unable to host SCC, any one of you are more than certainly capable and welcome to host the event! sooon Normally there is a SCC (ship, cap, crew) comm channel i create under the SC category within our TEST discord...
  18. Printimus

    Making a TEST Avatar Generator for Discord, Need Feedback

    AUTOMATE ALL THE THINGS! Wait...... auto mating? It's not the same?
  19. Printimus

    Ship, Captain, and Crew EVENT 06 July @ 6pm UTC

    There were maybe 4 people total. Not a big turn-out.
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