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  1. Doyzer

    SpudNyk's Buybacks for TESTies

    Just a heads up @SpudNyk they fixed Hull E's value. This Reclaimer to Hull E Upgrade - $150 - Should be $250 melt now.
  2. Doyzer

    Forbes is at it again. This time talking trash about Netflix.

    $10 Billion in Debt? That's it? That's nothing. Apple has $112 Billion in debt
  3. Doyzer

    Caterpillar Pirate Edition

    I think it is only available to buy when they sell it in store for those who have completed pirate swarm.
  4. Doyzer

    Um Oops?

    This was early days of 3.0. I never made it back in. We tried.
  5. Doyzer

    Um Oops?

    Is that better @NaffNaffBobFace
  6. Doyzer

    Um Oops?

    We have all been there
  7. Doyzer

    Banned from Imperium forums

    I was banned years ago too. No worries though.
  8. Doyzer


    I would visit Star Hangar to sell this. They only have one listed there for $300 for a $20 skin.
  9. Doyzer

    What do you do for a living?

    I work in the golf business
  10. Doyzer

    Is the hammer head a capital or not?!

    I think after they sold it last. There has been no official statement but numerous people have received same message from CS. BUT like I said you can still buyback ccu's. Maybe those disappear with legacy $0 ccu's on May 1st.
  11. Doyzer

    Is the hammer head a capital or not?!

    And you "might" not be able to ever buy the Hammerhead CCU again. But I still can buyback these upgrades so take it with a grain of salt. I am awaiting clarification.
  12. Doyzer

    TEST Yellow Jackets Enlistment

    Sign me up
  13. Doyzer

    Kotaku news on Anthem

    The game was in development for 5-6 years but the direction of game extremely mis-managed. Developers didn't know what game would look like until 2017 E3 demo. So they had about 12-18 months to flesh out game. Flying was in, then out, then in. Developers would work on something but they were...
  14. Doyzer

    Hello im Bla

    Welcome aboard
  15. Doyzer


    Welcome to TEST
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