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  1. ThomSirveaux

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    My SIL is an ICU nurse at a major hospital here in LA and she's dreading another spike. During the height of 2020, they were losing patients at almost 1 per day (generally averaging 4-5 per week). Pre-COVID, they would lose maybe 3 in a month. We were trying to support her as much as we could...
  2. ThomSirveaux

    Foundation (New Apple + Sci Fi series)

    So, I've read the first two books in the Foundation series about a decade ago and... Damn if I didn't hate the absolute smugness that comes across from Asimov's Seldon. I might try to read them, again, but the entire premise just came off as "I know what the future holds because you're all too...
  3. ThomSirveaux

    [WTS] Drake Herald LTI, Drake Dragonfly Ride Together Two-pack LTI, Cutlass Blue Package

    Hey All, So, I realized that I had some ships just sitting idle in the game and figured, why not get some of my money back. On the block are Standalone Drake Herald LTI - $75 SOLD on Reddit Standalone Dragonfly Two-pack LTI - $70 Cutlass Blue (6Mo) Package - $150
  4. ThomSirveaux

    PSA: I hit 1000 followers on twiiter. I am now important!

    Wait, we're supposed to follow you on twitter, and not in real life, right?
  5. ThomSirveaux

    COVID Buddy-check thread

    I prefer this pic
  6. ThomSirveaux

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    His name is only unfortunate because he never went into Porn... or he DID do Porn and thought that becoming a member of the IOC is a faster way to make money.
  7. ThomSirveaux

    COVID Buddy-check thread

    My SIL is an ICU nurse at a hospital treating COVID-19 patients and, while having dinner with them on Saturday, we found out that one of her coworkers has been exposed through their parent. So I went from a part-time WFH arrangement to a full-time WFH while I'm shut off from the outside world...
  8. ThomSirveaux


    We have one! View:
  9. ThomSirveaux

    Destiny 2 free to play (join us)

    Only when I clap these cheeks
  10. ThomSirveaux

    Destiny 2 free to play (join us)

    Imma get this tattooed on my buttcheeks.
  11. ThomSirveaux

    Destiny 2 free to play (join us)

  12. ThomSirveaux

    Destiny 2 free to play (join us)

    Shut up, UbEcLoWn. you don't know what you're talking about. But seriously, I'll jump in as soon as I have the time.
  13. ThomSirveaux

    Does this qualify as a Murder by words?

    Ran in to an issue while trying to ship something to a buyer on another forum. Turns out, the buyer was a little "miffed" and left me negative feedback because me not shipping on Monday ruined his plans for this weekend.
  14. ThomSirveaux

    I like my Astronauts to be smart, not Dumbasses

  15. ThomSirveaux

    Pyro system will be revealed at Citizencon

    Pyro is a system?! I thought he was a character in TF2
  16. ThomSirveaux

    Hilarious interraction while playing WoWS

    I wasn't paying attention, but I'm pretty sure he was. He also had 1200 battles played, but only had a 44% win rate (3% below min player Avg), and all of his other player stats were significantly below average, as well. The dude's average XP per match was like, 800. It was just funny
  17. ThomSirveaux

    Hilarious interraction while playing WoWS

    Soooo, the first guy who was destroyed on my team started raging in chat about how he always dies first because everyone is using cheats to target him... not like, "oh, there's a player, let's kill him", but ACTUALLY TARGET HIM, PERSONALLY. If you disagree with him, you're a "paid player", bot...
  18. ThomSirveaux

    [Video] Montya talks about the Mantis

  19. ThomSirveaux

    9/11 - What were you doing when it happened?

    Oh, I know, but it was one of those moments when you don't realize something is missing until it's just gone.
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