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  1. Daak Gelrin

    Alien Week Code: free coin

    SC facebook header image to start. After that, have fun falling down the rabbit hole...
  2. Daak Gelrin

    I am NEW I donno what to dooo!!

    Welcome to TEST! I myself was a big SWG player, and felt homeless after it's fall. I drifted through a few other games before settling here. May your landings be close enough to the pad to look like you meant it! 🍸🍺🍻:drunk:
  3. Daak Gelrin

    Happy To Be On Board

    Welcome to TEST, and Star Citizen! There's always something to keep our interest in the game, it seems. May your ship mostly survive the landing impact! 🍾🥂🍺🍻
  4. Daak Gelrin


    Welcome to TEST! You will absolutely find some sort of shenanigans here. May your landings be good enough to stumble away from! 🍸🍺🍻 :drunk:
  5. Daak Gelrin

    Hey lets have a fleet post eh?

    As it currently sits. Always evolving, and I'll probably get my BMM back in a bit.
  6. Daak Gelrin


    Yes, the price did go up $10 I see. Is this a first for a ship price to increase during it's own concept sale? I can't remember it happening before. Luckily I got my M2 -> Ironclad Assault CCU for $5.
  7. Daak Gelrin


    That's how I was during the decision making process. I like my M2, and no doubt, it'll probably fly better in atmo but the dropship, troop and vehicle, and good cargo seem like they will be better in the Assault. I got the transport due to the great cargo capacity and tractors with opening...
  8. Daak Gelrin


    Got 1 each, old money no new money. sidelined my $250 BMM back to buybacks, upgraded Scorpius to Ironclad bought upgrade for M2 to Ironclad Assault, just going to sit on this one It's the buzzword of "heavy armor" that gets me every time. They need to implement armor already. We'll see how...
  9. Daak Gelrin

    M2 vs A2

    For me, I'm keeping my M2 for the armor. I know it's not really a thing right now but I'm holding out hope that the advertised heavy armor will really make this ship a tough nut to crack.
  10. Daak Gelrin


    Just waiting for the sale to start. damn.
  11. Daak Gelrin

    Shit new applicants are saying

    I like Dani_boei! I could use a good joke or two as I try to figure out which of the dozen landing pads is the real one! 🍺🍻
  12. Daak Gelrin

    Polaris at Invictus Pictures (even some from the inside)

    Very cool man! Try as I may, I couldn't glitch my camera inside to sneak a peek. I love this ship, and seeing it up close and in the game is awesome for me. Thank you for sharing these!
  13. Daak Gelrin


    Welcome to TEST! May your landings be mostly non-destructive! 🍺🍻:drunk:
  14. Daak Gelrin

    Just heard about Star Wars Outlaws

    It looks okay'ish, but I'm in no rush to get it. It will be one of those games I pick up during a steam sale a few years from now... then probably won't play, lol. And of course, there's already some kind of controversy about it. I hear they made the female main character ugly on purpose...
  15. Daak Gelrin

    Dune part 2

    Going as soon as possible. I was hoping it would not be ruined with "The Message". Can't wait to see it!
  16. Daak Gelrin

    How long before Idris is released to owners?

    Not sure which way they'll go. I think I remember reading that the ships have to be parked on a grid, or there's a risk that they'll drift off like cargo is supposed to. Then again, we see lots of things in CIG videos that are not locked on a grid, yet don't fly around the hangar bay. Things...
  17. Daak Gelrin

    How long before Idris is released to owners?

    Coming from the perspective of a person who owns an Idris, Polaris, Perseus, BMM, and an Orion, I'd be over-the-hill-happy with any of them being released. GIB'EM ALL, lol! I know the RSI line is on the slate for delivery, my fingers are crossed they can pull at least one of them out of the...
  18. Daak Gelrin

    Shit new applicants are saying

    He had me at the space-themed sock collection!
  19. Daak Gelrin

    How long before Idris is released to owners?

    At least let owners have it in Arena Commander, even if it's just in Free Flight mode. Though crewing one in AC for a swarm would be awesome. Saying we can't have it to prevent SQ42 spoilers has been ended with the new boarding mission.
  20. Daak Gelrin

    02/19/2024 This Week in Star Citizen

    At this point, they should just release the Idris to us. I mean, they kept it as a "surprise" for sq42, but now with the interior mostly done and a mission to run around on board of one... what's the surprise? Let the owners have their ship, at least in a hangar or arena commander. Either on...
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