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  1. CosmicTrader

    Uhh, i think i just found @blind owl

    Now if that was a Bear or a Moose chasing him I would certainly be convinced. :love:
  2. CosmicTrader


    I love it & will get one.
  3. CosmicTrader

    OMG, ten years!

  4. CosmicTrader

    Polaris at Invictus Pictures (even some from the inside)

    "You freaking sailing nerds aren't going to yell at me! " Never me matey! Great screenshots! Thanks!
  5. CosmicTrader

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 Useful Resources

    Also, very IMPORTANT.... Feedback Please give your Feedback and/or suggestions in these links. Also, click the links provided and answer those that you can. Thanks!
  6. CosmicTrader

    It's a TEST cake.

    One of my favorites....
  7. CosmicTrader

    It's a TEST cake.

    Outstanding! Yummy...
  8. CosmicTrader

    Manor Lords

    Very impressive. Thanks for sharing! This appears to be a updated (Graphics etc) of the 90s game Settlers - which I played for hundreds of hours and loved. If I had the time I would certainly play this. I HIGHLY recommend this game. Enjoy!
  9. CosmicTrader

    Evocati patch notes no longer under NDA

    This change pertains specifically to the patch notes, and does not otherwise change the NDA's continuing coverage of the Evocati program **the NDA otherwise remains fully in effect when it comes to visuals, access, or other content**
  10. CosmicTrader

    3.23 is bringing in some desperately needed basic features

    The following cards have been added to Release View in the Alpha 3.23 patch cycle, currently targeting a April 2024 release: **Starmap Rework** **mobiGlas Rework** **Personal and Instanced Hangars** **Freight Elevators** **Item Bank & Unique Item Recovery** **New Missions - Cargo Hauling**...
  11. CosmicTrader

    8th TESTiversary?!

    Congrats @Blind Owl I remember when your son was born.Hard to believe that it has been 8 years.
  12. CosmicTrader

    3.21.1 Shadow Patch Notes

    Great video. Thanks.
  13. CosmicTrader

    Poll: Worth being an Avocado?

    It is my Dream as well and I am only to happy if my humble efforts help. Sorry that you were booted? Perhaps you will be back one day. Yes, this also.
  14. CosmicTrader

    Poll: Worth being an Avocado?

    Welcome Avocado. Happy to have you as one of us.
  15. CosmicTrader

    For the miners

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing.
  16. CosmicTrader

    @Sum1 went and got married

    Congrats to @sum1 Best wishes for Emily.
  17. CosmicTrader

    New Single Seater tank! Tumbril Storm and Lynx Rover - video

    The G12 is an origin rover but is a Placeholder on the 600i Explorer. The 600i Explorer will have a unique rover for surface exploration. On the Pledge page - the concept rover is shown in the hangar of the 600i Exploration version.
  18. CosmicTrader

    New Single Seater tank! Tumbril Storm and Lynx Rover - video

    @Montoya The 600i Explorer comes with (eventually) a exclusive Origin Rover w/ radar & scanners for surface exploration.
  19. CosmicTrader

    Lynx Rover Concept Sale?

    I agree with this....
  20. CosmicTrader

    Happy Birthday Marcsand! 🍻

    Happy Birthday my friend.
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