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  1. Chemus

    CIG announced changes to PTU Waves Eligibility

    IME, the 3.18-19 PTU only gave 1m aUEC. Not enough to buy anything you mention there, and only a severely limited number of ships are under 1m aUEC. That said, playing the game might permit the purchase of one expensive ship within the testing period, but I'm not sure how much testing I could do...
  2. Chemus

    Testing Please Ignore

    Feeling better? Why not celebrate with a frosty Hydro•Froz® from Kel•To Rx®; the sweet cool treat everyone loves™.
  3. Chemus

    Howdy. I'm a soloist, but I like yer style...

    I haven't joined TEST squadron on Spectrum, largely cuz I'm pigheaded and reactionary, and Orgs chapped my butt when they were introduced (what percent are not pirate Orgs?). I doubt I will join, but if I were to join any Org, this is the one I'd join... Hope to see you in the verse, even if...
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