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  1. Hybus


    Oh I agree it's completely rigged, best way to plan out what skins to release.
  2. Hybus

    3.18 is live (EDIT: we voted that 3.18 is not live)

    I've tried about 8 different "fixes" so far, still fails on the 19004 entitlement phase
  3. Hybus

    This is the quality of Spectrum entertainment I yearn for....

    You absolutely should! We should all start our posts of with something meaningful as well. As a high profile Aurora pilot.... As a high profile Ale delivery technician.... so on and so forth
  4. Hybus

    PTU 3.18 Available (Wave 3 / Open PTU!)

    It has the greatest invention of all time, the Move all button
  5. Hybus

    My prediction for the Ship Show Down

    I'm not sure about the scorpius, i've got one, I best describe it as 'meh' looks cool, but I'd rather use a hurricane. The annoying thing I hate is the pilot and the gunner can't get in and out at the same time. (I'm sure they'll address it eventually) Honestly though, I think the pices will...
  6. Hybus

    New Concept Sale - Legionnaire

    I got one, I don't really own a dedicated drop ship, so why not. If I don't end up using it, nice CCU token
  7. Hybus

    Oh, my Pete(?)! They called it a Carrack Killer! - shitstorm's coming right up! :D

    I can see why they are grumpy, they were promised the top tier explorer ship, waited forever for it, then shown something arguably(?) better. CIG is going to constantly roll out bigger/better ships, otherwise sales will drop off.
  8. Hybus

    HiDef Test Armor

    I'd like to point out, the first time we did this, we were bringing all the bodies back to be laid to rest in a respectful manner so the families of both sides could have closure. My theory is, after you get shot at, it's all fair game.
  9. Hybus

    Can changing cache size increase you fps in Star Citizen?

    ok, I tried it on my older system, definitely an improved experience running around in Lorville.
  10. Hybus

    HiDef Test Armor

    We tried that, with the armour loaded into ship inventory, they were shooting at us once we got close to the station
  11. Hybus

    Seasons Greetings From TEST Squadron

    Merry Testivus! How come there isn't snow?
  12. Hybus

    Can changing cache size increase you fps in Star Citizen?

    I can't tell tbh, but I got a brand new system with a 3090. I'll try and load it up on my old rig with the 2070TI and see if it makes a difference
  13. Hybus

    HiDef Test Armor

    Now you're thinking, you want to snag a delightful set of your own HD Test armour, after all, it seems made for us. Seems simple enough, take a bunker defend mission, fly there in something like a connie or cutty. Bring your tractor tool, after the fun pile on all the dead bodies, friendlies or...
  14. Hybus

    New Ships IAE

    and bought a redeemer too, dammit.
  15. Hybus

    New Ships IAE

    I might have given into temptation.
  16. Hybus

    Test squadron has infiltrated Star Wars

    Morale of the story, never rely on your players making a successful perception check.
  17. Hybus

    Test squadron has infiltrated Star Wars

    @Stevetank should be asked about the mute button incident.
  18. Hybus

    Test squadron has infiltrated Star Wars

    We already got you a new shirt, which lightsaber? The one that zips up as it extends?
  19. Hybus

    Where were you on 9/11?

    Still serving in the CF at the peace support centre in Kingston. They locked the whole place down.
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