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  1. techPrime

    Periwinkle Alternatives?

    How about white, representing a blank slate? (Or black, also representing a blank slate... in space. See what I did there?) Alternately, it seems that Red Faction should probably make it's divisions be some shade of Red to be color-consistent...
  2. techPrime

    Want to shoot things in space right now? Join me in Diaspora

    (Also posted on the Testsquadron reddit) Hey all, So... it looks like DFM isn't happening for a while. I was looking forward to playing it over Christmas/New Year's, as I have a break. But since that's not happening, and since I'm a total newb at this kind of game, I decided I'd try breaking...
  3. techPrime

    Hello all

    Heh, sadly I sucked at it too- got away with one semester of orgo and one of biochem. I have completely forgotten all of that Sn1 Sn2 randomness you have to memorize for no reason... If its any consolation, know that your skill in orgo does not make you a better doctor- or even better at med...
  4. techPrime

    Hello all

    Where you from stranger? The glorious paradise of California, by way of Chicago and Boston What drew you to Star Citizen? I've been pretty much obsessed with all things space since I was a kid, and majored in Aerospace Engineering. Sadly, I realized rapidly that my dreams of conquering alien...
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