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  1. TheBaxAttacks

    3.19 Mining cheat sheets

    That's a really helpful guide, Thank you!
  2. TheBaxAttacks

    Industry Leaderboard - November 2951- Closed

    gotta play to win! submitted my first, but missed quite a few before this.. oopsie
  3. TheBaxAttacks

    Mining Leader Board - Final Total 79.87 Million Mined! - Winner Spiffman

    First time out with helix, and first time finding the juicy Q rocks
  4. TheBaxAttacks

    Giving away a Red Subsriber Multi-Tool - Winner is Sintha

    ...must.... have.... special color....
  5. TheBaxAttacks

    Another TESTie

    Take it from the profile pic you do a bit of road-racing? Never been to jennings, but barber was cool
  6. TheBaxAttacks

    Another TESTie

  7. TheBaxAttacks

    Testihol 2949 - with an unfortunate twist - SIGN UP FOR YOUR BOTTLES (Max of 10)

    I have nothing to add other than "this is fucking cool" are you able to share a jpeg or something of the emblem?
  8. TheBaxAttacks

    Another TESTie

    Thanks, fellers!
  9. TheBaxAttacks

    Another TESTie

    o7 citizen TESTies new to game and preparing for flight this coming weekend. Hoping to cash in on the (presumed) discounted starter packages and looking forward to spending my free time in the verse. I did get in on the most recent free fly event, and yeah. Instantly hooked. Looking forward...
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