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    Mining consumables bug

    Hi all, I like to mine a lot in my mole, but now I got a bug where when I equip consumables I can't use them. So no more quantanium mining for me. Does anyone know afix for my problem. Account reset didn't help. Best regards
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    Mining Guide Updates Blog

    Do you know how to calculate the value of a rock in 3.9?
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    The Complete TEST Squadron Mining Guide - V3.8

    Hi, so do you have a formula to calculate the value of a rock with the 3 variables, mass, concentration of material and overall percentage of specific material in the rock?
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    Industry Rock Value Calculator (Mining)

    Hi, I searched everywhere and couldnt find a good calculator to determine value for a rock. I have an example picture and If someone can tell me what should be the return here only for quantainium that would be great. It is not as simple as 5.98% of 4931 times the value of quantainium per 100...
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    Post your Best Hauls

    My best haul for now (Agro Mole)
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    3.9 Mining Values

    Here is my best haul. I still dont understand how quantanium works.
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