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  1. Zatellia

    TEST Squadron CFT 04 April 2020

    Here is the stream from todays CFT Don't mind me hitting a few asteroids … drinking and flying don't mix lol
  2. Zatellia

    [Video] State of the Squadron 40

    Great video as always and thanks for the shout out!
  3. Zatellia

    TEST Squadron CFT 7MAR20

    yeah they need to put a fire extinguisher button or something in there … my legs were getting a bit toasty lol
  4. Zatellia

    TEST Squadron CFT 7MAR20

    Guys here is my video of the CFT battles from the 7th of March 2020. Feel free to add your videos here too if you want.
  5. Zatellia

    Security Operation Meteor Shower Recruitment (MISSION COMPLETE)

    Hmm, I'd be interested in the next one that comes around... sorry I missed this one.
  6. Zatellia

    Original LTI Ships and Ground Vehicles for TESTies

    Damn too bad you dont have any ravens :( let me know of you come across any!
  7. Zatellia

    CFT 29.02.2020

    I agree, I have noticed shit ton of things that I do that I need to work on
  8. Zatellia

    Combat Flight Training 29 Feb

    No but I can make one really quick, not a problem
  9. Zatellia

    Combat Flight Training 29 Feb

    Everyone here is the video from todays (29 Feb) CFT. Some of my overlay didn't load correctly :( I fixed it for next time.
  10. Zatellia

    CFT 22 Feb 2020

    Yeah I just started working on them right before we started the matches. I realized they were a little big and too bright so I fixed that after.
  11. Zatellia

    CFT 22 Feb 2020

    Here is the video from today's Combat Flight Training.
  12. Zatellia

    TEST CFT 15 Feb 2020

    Here is the CFT from today that was rudely interrupted by some random bounty hunters... lol
  13. Zatellia

    Hostage Rescue CFT 8 Feb 2020

    Here is the Yellow teams view of the CFT for 8 Feb 2020.
  14. Zatellia

    01 Feb 2020 CFT Video - Black Team Viewpoint

    Everyone, here is todays CFT video for the 8v8 PvP air and ground battle from the Black Teams side . Fun match I just wish the Cutless Reds were not as buggy
  15. Zatellia

    #3 in the top 10 CIG Guides

    yeah I kind of wish I did some of the touring... I would have loved the 600i, but there really isn't much gameplay when it comes to touring imo. I would think right now it would just fall under basic flight with maybe some Easter eggs that are thrown in the verse. Thank you everyone. I didn't...
  16. Zatellia

    #3 in the top 10 CIG Guides

    So I was forced at electronic gun point to make a post on here. If you didn't know CIG started a new guide system and the month of December they counted the number and amount of time people preformed guide services and on January 1st they stopped counting and the top performers CIG said they...
  17. Zatellia

    CFT 7vs7 PvP Video 25 Jan 2020

    Hello everyone, here is a video from the Combat Flight Training that was conducted in Arena Command on 25 Jan 2020.
  18. Zatellia

    Hello everyone

    Where you from stranger? All over the US of A What drew you to Star Citizen? Everything, but mainly being able to kill people in so many different ways What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc) PVP What was the first game you remember playing? Pirate on the...
  19. Zatellia

    11 Jan 2020 CTF

    Guys here is a video that I made of todays CTF. I am still learning how to edit and everything. Feel free to provide any feedback so I can improve my videos.
  20. Zatellia

    Star Citizen 3.8 Basic Flight Tutorial

    Hello everyone! Here is a helpful basic tutorial for all the new players out there. In this video I go over basic flight controls, takeoff and landing, the flight HUD, Coupled / Decoupled modes, Total Velocity Indicator (TVI), and Quantum Travel. In my next video I will go over the basics of...
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