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  1. Michael

    Trading Traders survey

    Its still open and unmodified, but you could clearly see the results were going down after 24 hours to 0 after 3 days. (cool feature btw. ^^) Also i realized that some questions should be better worded, as they seem to be misleading. Also i'm pretty sure the survey started to early for 3.6.1.
  2. Michael

    What games are you guys planning on playing for the rest 2019?

    As always some Kerbal space and also my second playthrough of Kingdom Come Deliverance. Then whatever Indie Games pop up and seem to be nice. Currently there are no AAA titles which i really want to play. Also SC consumes a big chunk of my gaming time.
  3. Michael

    Trading Traders survey

    Here are the results: Contains probably some wording and some typing mistakes. I don't thing i can extract much mure data out of the exisiting survey. i took some ideas to improve the survey and...
  4. Michael

    Which should be the next SURPRISE ship to go live?

    Every hype around the DUR is totally justified.
  5. Michael

    Yellow Jackets night ops! Hot action within!

    I guess if the opponent had night vision too, you would very quickly remove those strobes :D (also they talked about it: But agree friend / foe identification should be a thing in the not so far future.
  6. Michael

    Trading Traders survey

    Oh yeah i'm aware of This is also i think my premiere go to website, at the current state of the game Also Kamille is trying to wrap his mind around that. Versemate currently seems to be outdated (3.5.1). Not sure if he is active...
  7. Michael

    Hi to all the Testers and Pledgers

    No dutchie but your neighbor Welcome back to test, if you haven't yet join our discord. also why is your flag germany? 🤔
  8. Michael

    Combined arms on Daymar

    i can put all events inside the POW but its hard to keep track if there is nothing in written form ^^
  9. Michael

    Video Games and Violence

    I'm clearly an outsider to that topic coming from a country with relativly strict gun control. But hows the overall statistic about that?. Using single events, to emotionalize a debate, won't help in a constructive discussion. Mass shootings and amok runs are something completely different...
  10. Michael

    Combined arms on Daymar

    And when is the event?
  11. Michael

    Bill Gates Backs Plan to Block out the Sun

    Okay who of you guys is Bill Gates?
  12. Michael

    Trading Traders survey

    So here are some intermediate answers: After almost 24 hours 12 people answered the survey. And thats actually a little bit more than i expected. Also i got some valueable feedback to improve this survey. Every answer is appreciated. Also i would like to mention the answer "beer" as trade...
  13. Michael

    POW 12 August - 18 August

    weeeoooo ... also did some formating
  14. Michael

    POW 12 August - 18 August

    implemented O/
  15. Michael

    Trading Traders survey

    yeah ofc it totally depends if when and how the trading terminals are implemented. I'm not a programmer so creating an API is beyond my abilitys :) All i can do is gather some data and try to understand how the system works and try to provide help on that. If at one point CI .. G implemented an...
  16. Michael

    Vanguard Performance Analysis - 3.6.1

    Actually thats one of the better british dishes
  17. Michael

    TEST PvP OP Highlights!

    Myre instructing future violent felons
  18. Michael

    Im not usually a tinfoil hat conspiracy guy, but Epstein did not commit suicide!

    I'm not usally tinfoil hat BUT ...
  19. Michael

    Trading Traders survey

    First of all and its very simple i wanted to test google forms and i'm thinking about a basic trading guide. So the questions are mostly does my experience match the experience of others. Are my assumptions right? Do others suggest a similar ship? And what might be the reason to choose this...
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