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  1. Vavrik

    Now I know what I'll be playing until the release of SQ42

    New video interview with a dev, who is also a fan. View:
  2. Vavrik

    Good news: It's not dislocated!

    I spent part of last night trying to think how to respond... Everything, even jokes come out sounding morbid. I honestly don't think it would have mattered to me. Here... roughly the same kind of tire, but in a cage like it should be. View:
  3. Vavrik

    Hi there!

    Welcome to TEST!
  4. Vavrik

    Good news: It's not dislocated!

    Wait two years. I promise you the stirling engine will not only design itself, but it will provide unlimited energy too.
  5. Vavrik

    Good news: It's not dislocated!

    It's not easy with adults ... but it's painful. You can break or dislocate a rib from impact or from coughing hard. If you want to know how hard, watch someone with bronchitis hold their chest when they're coughing. Do we tell him about small babies and croup? Naw. He's going to be scared...
  6. Vavrik

    Now I know what I'll be playing until the release of SQ42

    Nothing needed to be redone, it's not like it was broken. My take at the moment (just speculation) is that they are leveraging some of the high end changes in the new Unity engine. I've used some of that for my own simulation projects, so I mean it has a lot of potential.
  7. Vavrik

    Good news: It's not dislocated!

    ... ouch.... but you were lucky, it could have been a lot worse. Last time I broke something, was while putting air in a lock rim tire. Like an idiot, I was leaning over the tire, but that probably saved my arm from amputation. The blast thru me 31 feet, end over end and I landed on my back...
  8. Vavrik


    Welcome to TEST!!!
  9. Vavrik

    New grunt inc.

    Welcome to TEST!!!
  10. Vavrik

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 KEY BINDINGS

    There's something else I should mention. I don't use the default throttle settings, like forward and backward from the stick throttle slider. In the configuration, I used the old setting for Thrust Forward or whatever it's called, and set that to Slider 1. You might need to then go and set...
  11. Vavrik

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    My sentiments exactly!
  12. Vavrik

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 KEY BINDINGS

    If you need throttle invert, there's a setting in the General tab called HOTAS Thruster Invert Toggle. It fixes it for me.
  13. Vavrik

    What's Happening?!

    Welcome to TEST!!! Was the thread hiding, or was it recovering from a hangover for a month and a half?
  14. Vavrik

    WTB: MISC Hull B w/LTI

    I could be wrong, the only info I could find dated from 2015, and mentioned only the Freelancer by name and that was medium jump point. the Hull B is a slightly larger ship than the Freelancers, but I don't think it's out of the medium jump point range. However, I think CIG needs to rethink...
  15. Vavrik

    Industry Calling all miners....

    Arial and Aberdeen both have some good mining areas, the problem being mining time is double and triple the mining time at Daymar. Partly that's due to the distance to get out of Hurston's atmosphere, and CIG seems to be adjusting the mining density around Arial. Also, that's what I was...
  16. Vavrik

    TESTing the Constellation Aquila: the correct way to enter the ship, take off and fly.

    I finally landed a Prospector on the wall of a hanger at Lorville. the trick seems to be to look at the keyboard instead of the screen. There were only two problems with the technique. The ship didn't explode, and I survived jumping down to the hanger floor.
  17. Vavrik

    Trading Traders survey

    That looks like an incredibly useful bookmark! Thank you. I'll have to give it a try this weekend if I can extract myself from everything my wife went and planned. Bleh. Totally unproductive.
  18. Vavrik

    Trading Traders survey

    I don't get a lot of game time right now, and I missed this survey. Work interferes with life. But I was very interested in the results. Small sample set but I found that I am not having a different experience. Thank you, and the people who participated.
  19. Vavrik

    Hi to all the Testers and Pledgers

    Welcome to TEST!
  20. Vavrik

    Im not usually a tinfoil hat conspiracy guy, but Epstein did not commit suicide!

    I was speculating on the outcome of a lawsuit, not whether the lawsuit would happen. But I don't think it's a patent... it might be, but all I could find in 10 minutes was a trademark. That might be worse though, kiss is a heck of a generic word to be allowing a trademark on. Within 30 days...
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