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  1. Sanzennin

    Montoya explains staggered development in a way we can all understand

    Yes, I meant you need to go through it every 3 months, as that's still the span between updates.
  2. Sanzennin

    Quick question about motion sickness

    I keep reading "Dynamite" and that just makes the condition seem really hardcore.
  3. Sanzennin

    Montoya explains staggered development in a way we can all understand

    Well, I'm happy I helped to inspire this video. A good explanation about the actual benefits of staggered development. :like: (And I'm happy as long as nobody is saying it gives more time to complete a feature. It's same amount of man-hours, maybe used more efficiently.) Yeah, I would not want...
  4. Sanzennin

    The Staggered Development extra time fallacy

    Hmm, I see your point, but considering you had 10 people spending time home thinking about their jobs at home at dinner, bar, etc. over 3 months, wouldn't that then also be the exactly same as having 5 people thinking about their jobs at home at dinner, bar, etc. but over 6 months? And I'm not...
  5. Sanzennin

    The Staggered Development extra time fallacy

    They halved the number of devs working on a feature, ie, doubling the workload of the remaining devs. Then doubled the period of which it is worked on, bringing it right back down where they started. There is no more time to work on a feature. It's the exact same amount of man-hours. The only...
  6. Sanzennin

    What’s the BEST Multi-Role Ship?

    Starfarer (Gemini) Okey, it's a refueling ship, but it has a decent enough cargo space, and it's covered in turrets. Just maybe don't fill it with anything easily flammable, like fuel, and it'll do alright in a firefight. Against smaller ships anyhow. Something like a Connie might get a bit...
  7. Sanzennin

    The Staggered Development extra time fallacy

    Well, it could be that, but it's equally as likely that this will lead to some other people waiting on 3.8 resources before they can continue their work on 3.9. Or they can't plan features that are built-upon in the next patch, i.e. 3.8 features (or thinking smaller, methods, technologies, etc.)...
  8. Sanzennin

    The Staggered Development extra time fallacy

    Firstly, it's commendable that CIG is trying different things to improve the development process. However, staggered development is not a magical incantation that turns 30,000 man-hours into 60,000 man-hours, which might be the idea you'd get reading through Staggered Development FAQ: What it...
  9. Sanzennin

    TEST Euro Ops - Sunday 1

    Anyone not playing Star Citizen should also be banned. As per Rule 26 of the internet, this is now a topic about who should be banned.
  10. Sanzennin

    Hurricane Watch - The Dorian Saga

    Oh no, don't tell me that You've been thunderstruck?
  11. Sanzennin

    The upcoming 890J sale when PTU goes live:

    To be fair, they're more like space vertexes.
  12. Sanzennin

    What does owning a "LUXURY" ship do for you (and Star Citizen)?

    I don't have a luxury ship yet, and I normally wouldn't go for such things as I prefer function over form, but in SC, the form is just so damn well made, that the luxury ships really do give that luxury vibe. Which means I'd probably eventually buy one.
  13. Sanzennin

    The Ballista makes me more excited for the Tonk!

    Ballista could make for interesting space game as well. Just imagine you're in a hercules transporting a couple of ballistas, and some pesky raiders appear. Now, Hercules doesn't have it's own missiles, but if you open the cargo bay door, you'll have a nifty backwards-facing missile turret right...
  14. Sanzennin

    Crytek vs CIG - Settlement Conference date set

    Ah, settlement talks is good, but I guess the big question is, where's Waldo? And by Waldo, I of course mean Derek Smurf. And by Smurf, I mean those blue little cartoon characters that speak in a whiny voice whilst prancing around half naked.
  15. Sanzennin

    Ballista giveaway and review! TESTies were harmed in the making of this video.

    Wait so, are we supposed to post in Youtube now? Oh well, I'll just spam comments every way I can. What was your postal code again?
  16. Sanzennin

    No more Hercules A2, Orion, or Hull-E Upgrades

    Well, at least Carrack isn't on that list yet, might get a CCU for it come next sale, and sit on it until I know whether I want to start with a Gemini, M2, Merchantman or Carrack. (Kinda liking my Gemini so far tbh)
  17. Sanzennin

    Did you know you were part of "toxic fan entitlement"?

    I'm not entirely convinced about the authors view of criticism: That makes no sense. It's like, "Hey, I noticed your shoelaces are untied, but I'm in no way suggesting you'd tie them." If you don't want something to be changed for the better, then why are you criticizing it? Is the point just...
  18. Sanzennin

    RSI forums

    Yeah, sane reason. These worked: Firefox 66.0.3 Chrome 74.0.3729.131 Opera 58.0.3135.132 This didn't: Edge 17.17134 Console log: SCRIPT12004: SCRIPT12004: An internal error occurred in the Microsoft Internet extensions | bundle.js (1,270722) Result was a blank page Raise your hand if you...
  19. Sanzennin

    I've come up with an idea for Sun Blotting.

    Why gather a thousand auroras to blot out the sun, when a single aurora can blot out a thousand distant suns? -Ancient Chinese proverb But yeah, doing it on a planet sounds like fun.
  20. Sanzennin

    Starfarer and troop delivery

    True, and I'm not suggesting you'd land in the hot zone with it. Tbh, it's kind of pointless to carry mechanized infantry if you're going to deliver them straight into the hot zone. I was thinking more along the lines of, deploying some 10 miles away, the rovers will take them to the hot zone in...
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