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  1. DorianSkyphire

    Anthem on sale on Amazon

    I happened to see Anthem for PC is priced on Amazon at $38 right now, if anyone is interested...
  2. DorianSkyphire

    one stop shop for SC/S42 Info

    Does Test have, or can anyone suggest, a website or database with a repository of all things game(s) related, but actively updated as new info comes out (or old info is made irrelevant)? OTHER than Spectrum ;) I find myself losing hours when I try to research the current facts about myriad...
  3. DorianSkyphire

    dream uses for the Endeavor Super Collider

    this is a pure bullshit post.. not grounded in science or anything CIG has said.. in your wildest fantasies, what would you want to use the super collider for? I'd LOVE to find a way to use the super collider to implode or temporarily shift exit points, for wormholes/jump points. I love the...
  4. DorianSkyphire

    Any hints or insight to science/research/scanning?

    Have there been any clues in the last several months as to how those things may work?
  5. DorianSkyphire

    What should this US Government Employee do, during the shut down?

    I'm wide open to suggestions!
  6. DorianSkyphire


    DayZ just 'officially' launched recently. I bought it for $20 in 2012, and am trying to give it a go. Are any testies running amok in post soviet zombie land, too?
  7. DorianSkyphire

    Getting started?

    I'll be picking up stuff to start streaming sooner than later (next month or so, I think). I thought I'd ask the pro's for their advice. I'm all ears for suggestions on cameras (obviously SC foip compatible), green screen, and marketing advice :D
  8. DorianSkyphire

    Science and Stars - please upvote it

    if you guys would be so kind as to bump this thread (assuming you read it, and agree with the idea), I would deeply appreciate it :smile: For those who may not be able to read it on...
  9. DorianSkyphire

    NewEgg promo.. Complete with that laptop is a bit of a troll to Star Citizen ;)
  10. DorianSkyphire

    3.1 Trading Info

    for those of you inclined..
  11. DorianSkyphire

    2946 Aggressor in the house

    You guys.. I think I am normally one of the worst fighter pilots ever (I was terribad in EVE). But I somehow managed to just beat Vanduul Swarm (my 4th time ever playing it) tonight. It probably helps I was in a Glaive, though a few of the guys I was in there with accidentally fired at me a few...
  12. DorianSkyphire

    Great info on 890J This guy put in some work, to verify all sources. Some of it is old, but hopefully still rings true :)
  13. DorianSkyphire

    Officer Record: Dorian Skyphire

    Officer Record #279101369 Name: Dorian Skyphire Rank: Vice Admiral (retired) Joined: 6/2/2925 Security Clearance: DSS-1A Biography: Born the scion of a wealthy family, Dorian showed an unusual aptitude at an early age for science. When he was 10 years old, his parents were killed in a...
  14. DorianSkyphire

    Buyback Token schedule SC 2018
  15. DorianSkyphire

    Hangars, Teams, and Nude Wrestling in SC

    Since we're close to having workable groups and orgs in the near future.. is there any effort being made to keep an active inventory of member hangars (at least those who are willing to share info or use their ships for TEST), and some effort to organize the groups within TEST (like DSET)? I...
  16. DorianSkyphire

    Advice for a new streamer?

    I'm getting ready to start streaming (via Twitch) when I am gaming. Any advice or suggestions? I plan on just using my (Razer) Headset, or should I buy a proper mic? I will be buying a Razer Kiyo for a cam (for the occasions when i need to show my face). I am wide open to all suggestions...
  17. DorianSkyphire

    CIG Revamping their website

    View: I am really excited to see this revamp, I've recruited a few dozen friends to the game, and a common complaint is the website isn't friendly to newcomers.
  18. DorianSkyphire

    WTB Endeavor Master Set with LTI

    Hi all - I'm wanting to purchase an Endeavor Master Set with LTI. Unfortunately I'm not well known enough to be able to purchase the one listed in Marketplace with another member, so I'm hoping someone else has one for sale, or can point me in the direction. Thank you kindly! edit: PS if any...
  19. DorianSkyphire

    Ownership/Risk/Reward of research discoveries/IP

    has there been any thought, or discussion I missed in a thread, as to how TEST will handle research discoveries? As an example, I have an Endeavor, and am out with a super collider and make some discovery on exotic energy that can be used for shields or energy weapons (or whatever, this is an...
  20. DorianSkyphire

    "staffing" multi-crew ships

    So those with multi-crew ships. How do you plan to go about 'staffing' your ships? Especially for long haul missions where people might not have a chance to get off ship for a week or two (or longer). Has anyone seen anything about the cost to hire the NPC hirelings, yet? Or how their loyalty...
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