Can changing cache size increase you fps in Star Citizen?


Jun 17, 2018
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I tried it out during the IAE and personally didn't notice much of a difference. I recently bought a 3080 and my FPS were oscillating between 30 and 60 during the IAE before and after the shadercache size setting. However, another user in that thread mentioned the shader cache is a shared ressource between different games. If that is true (and it made sense) it might affect players that change games a lot. Since I build in the card recently and didn't play a lot there couldn't have been many shaders cached besides SC's for me.


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Nov 22, 2016
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For me, the thing that really brought more FPS was adjusting my swap. Also my friend had a mysterious problem where his SC kept crashing to desktop, turns out the drive he had his swap on had less space left than was allocated to the swap (and swap had not reserved space for itself, leading to some stability issues).

Anyhow, I'm on an AMD card so I couldn't quite do it like that, but this led me to fiddle with some other global graphics settings, and I seem to have gotten like 5 FPS out of using e-Sports preset with dynamic resolution turned on (which then makes it a custom preset). Now everything looks a bit oversaturated though, but I don't actually dislike it. Somehow the details pop better now.


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Oct 30, 2015
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Increased it to 10 GB and it helped me with reducing Lag & Stutter. Also, I got a 5->10 FPS bump.
So, YES!
--> I was more interested in reducing Lag & Stutter then getting a FPS Boost <--
--> CPU = AMD Ryzen 9 3950x
--> GPU RTX 2080Ti (with 8GB memory)
--> RAM = 32GB
--> Virtual Mem = 32GB

it is, of course, different for everyone depending on your system.
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Apr 25, 2019
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I've stumble upon that tread a few days ago too but I've not tryed it yet, and I don't think I whould.
From my experince I have HUGE drop during the first log-in after a new patch since I usually delate the shader folder, so during the first 10'-15' I have really really low frame rate, like 5-10 especially in complex area like A18, New Babbage (and of course Orizon), with frequent game freeze.
After that initial period thought I run preatty smoot, not very hight FPS, since I'm a bit CPU limited, but no freeze any more and about 30FPS even in complex area.

I'm not a code expert but I suspect expanding the cache could help in those few minutes when the game need to recompile all the shaders and continusly swap beteween the one that need to use and the one that is compiling, after that it could just be a placebo effect do to the fact that you run smooth from the beginning.

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Mar 27, 2021
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I'm runing on a 5600x + 3070 oc 8g from gigabyte + 64gb ram, I do not notice any improvement in 2k for fps, with cache at 10gb, but I do have much less screen tearing and the image is more fluid (for same fps as before)
I have almost the same setup, besides a RTX3080Ti. I tried it and it worked well for a few minutes, but then tapered off. I'm back down to 55-60 FPS @ 3440x1440. I was nice while it lasted, however.


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Feb 22, 2016
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10700k + 64gb RAM + 2060S, 1080p.
No difference in FPS, maybe a slight improvement in micro stutters but that's most likely server dependent cos out of 3 game launches the first was waaay slower and stuttery, much worse then usual.
Interesting thing that didn't happen before is that after a while sometimes the whole pc started chugging like crazy but it fixed itself after half a minute or so. This was totally inconsistent with anything, might be this patch causing it as I haven't played many long sessions before, or might be some issue with my pc although everything else runs fine from 4K particle sim renders to ForzaH5.
Edit: I suspect the chugging was me losing connection to the VPN server for a few seconds. It happens sometimes. Seems like the game has some leeway built in now and won't 30k instantly upon connection loss, especially that windows itself takes over a whole minute to update the connection status, even though my firewall already reports it. Weird nonetheless.

To keep my tests consistent I was running chrome open on my other screen, filled with tabs and watching a YouTube video at 2k, and had only the usual background clutter running.

All in all I don't think it changed anything for me, just as I expected.


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Nov 22, 2015
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I got a nice FPS bump just by bumping everything to High Quality I could in the Nvidia Control Panel before this came out.

This seemed to have further increased performance as well, but not as much as unloading more work unto my GPU.

5800x and a RTX 2060 ... average around 60 fps and see bumps all the way into the 90s with dips in the 30s at 1080p. And that's with a second monitor playing video streams.

Not too shabby.
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