hello people!!

MegDia dotEXE

Sep 10, 2019
RSI Handle
I'm MegDia_dotEXE and im new to the TEST squadron.

I'm from Ipswich in england and my wife calls me the northern invader in the south as i come from manchester.

I first saw a video about star citizen years ago on youtube during its early development and i liked the idea so much that i moved from console gaming to pc and bought a pledge. It was the aurora package. after a few years away from SC i decided to come back and went and melted my account and got a connie andromeda and thats what im floating about in these days.

I really like the idea of SC larger multi crew ships and would love to be a part of a larger crew whether it be blasting vanduul or pirates to cargo hauling and exploring.

The first game i ever remember playing was super mario bros on the NES when i was about 6.

I play A LOT of games ranging from simulators to fps to indie. But i do love space sims. I also have elite dangerous and no mans sky and X4 foundations.

I first heard about TEST through my other half the other day. She got an email about it and figured i'd join too.

Love star trek and picard is my go to guy. I grew up with TNG
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