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    Testing Please Ignore

    wait, what?!
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    TEST Beer mugs, shot glasses, patches and vinyl decals!

    Amazing! i need these mugs, ill buy 4 in january. PM me for payment details and such! :drunk: and shipping cost to norway :o7:
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    Soldier of Fortuna - LTI - Sold

    ---EDIT--- Sold to Friend outside test Hello fellow testies! 🍻 Im curretly looking to get rid of my soldier of furtuna pack with LTI at cost, this because im looking to open up some of my store credit to be able to buy the Persus warbond. and as i cant buy these with store credit id like to get...
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    Hey there everyone!

    Indeed test is the best, welcome 🍺
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    Testing Please Ignore

    Ignored, thanks for the info.
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    Hello All

    Welcome, have a beer 🍺
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    Ships, upgrades and items - vahadar's at cost emporium for TESTies

    I've been looking for a good ccu to merchantman, as I feel I've got plenty of ships it rather ccu one of my life ships to it than getting a new standalone.
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    Hello All

    hello testie and welcome :D
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    Trading is NOT for pussies

    Indeed i have, have two connie anqila LTI also a phoenix, so i was hoping i could ccu one of the aquila's, that would be amazing! :) yeah ive seen & heard that, altho its always nice to check out the waters before that time 🍺
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    to be honest im really enjoying this "working" from home stuff, im really getting to put some hours into lots of different games, i dont think ive ever tested out this many games in such short time before :P here in norways its not really spreading that bad, but most of us are still staying...
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    Trading is NOT for pussies

    Hey. well i'm a huge trade/cargo hauler in game and i find that part of the game to be the most exciting atm, just flying around testing all and every trade route i could possibly find. 30k's seem to have become a lot less usual lately and in having me make huge profits to. ohh i cant even...
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    Glad to be here!

    Welcome Fellow Designer :) 🍻🍸
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    Original LTI Ships and Ground Vehicles for TESTies

    Thank you gunner, yeah too bad it doesnt work that way then. also i do indeed understand the thing about the invoce as being a huge safety. wish it wasnt nessesary but u never know, there can be lots of reasons for some1 to become or be a dick :P
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    Wildflowers dont grow on trees

    im really looking forward to seing the Merchantman ingame, not a big fan of the carrack, and damn the 890 jump (i will have that some day)= :P
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