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    400i Speculation

    I have high hopes on the Corsair, I really like the look.
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    400i Speculation

    The loadout makes me interested, but the leaked images don't do much for me.
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    Problems with BTC Armory, any BTC experts?

    Sounds stressful, lol. Not as much as the dude with 2 password attempts left on $250 million, but stressful none the less.
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    Tex's OG LTI Packages, Standalone Buy Backs, and more!

    New original LTI ship added. HULL D LTI @ $350!
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    Tex's OG LTI Packages, Standalone Buy Backs, and more!

    Thank you @Tactical Noodle enjoy the ship!
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    Tex's OG LTI Packages, Standalone Buy Backs, and more!

    Absolutely, sorry for slow reply I'm working today. I sent you a PM.
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    Office Lego Collection

    Nice collection!
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    Ubisoft is making an open world Star Wars game

    I'm kinda pumped. They haven't started development yet, but eventually we can play it while we wait for SC.
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    Can I sell my buyback pledges?

    Like others have said, 10 year and less will be a tough sell. Pay attention to the next few sales. Have credit ready and look for LTI concepts and lock in a bunch of upgrades too. The last good CCU was the warbond upgrade to the LTI Nomad from a 315P, which you could pick up for $5. With that...
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    Horrible Star Citizen Attack Piece! Be Strong!

    I honestly feel sorry for these online journalists. They need to constantly throw shit at the wall and not care if it sticks. They could take the time and write a proper piece, but often take easy mode route and regurgitate crap.
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    Reality check on Concierge / Chairmans club and the true CIG business model

    You guys get thru to CS!?! haha, my request went in Nov 27th, still no reply
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    Flight equipment advice

    There's a lot of people using pedals and hotas set ups that are happy, please don't let me throw you off. I personally found that in long engagements, or dogfighting for hours on end, using pedals became tiresome. Just the physical act of moving them, not to mention the slower responsiveness...
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    Flight equipment advice

    They are always backordered. It took a month from order to delivery, which isn't that bad. Mind you I'm in Canada.
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    Flight equipment advice

    What do you want to do in SC? If you're hauling, or mining pedals are cool, good for mellow flying. But I got rid of mine due to dogfighting. Imo they are not the way to go when you're fighting a lot. 2 t16000's or if you have the $$ the Virpil Constellations are killer. Twist in the stick so...
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    Merry Xmas 2020!

    Merry Christmas!
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