1. Han Burgundy

    My Star Citizen novel: The Aimless Expedition is now available

    Ahoy, fellow TESTies! The moment that, like seven of you, have ALL been waiting for has finally arrived! I am proud to present to you, a day earlier than anywhere else, the full PDF and eBook release of my book (for free, of course) Please take a look at my labor of love (ITS ABOUT A CARRACK...
  2. SullyQuindarius

    This is us every shipshape.

  3. SullyQuindarius

    [WTT] Prospector for Carrack

    Looking to trade an LTI Prospector (CCU'd from an Anvil Hawk Warbond LTI) for a CCU from the Connie Aquila to the Carrack. I'll take a series of CCUs too. I've had no luck finding one so far...
  4. SullyQuindarius

    WOWS ACC for RSI stuffs

    Hey guys. I'm trying to get rid of my WOWS account since I'm growing increasingly dissatisfied with the way it's going and would much rather have spaceship pixels than ship pixels. It's got a lot of stuffs: up to T9 USN BBs, T8 German BBs (skipped T5-7 during the Bismarck event), T5 IJN BBs, T8...
  5. DrunkenTeddy

    [WTS] DrunkenTeddy's Store - LTI Ships and Upgrades Galore!

    Making a new post, prices changed for the better, so I thought it made sense to start this one over. Link to new thread:
  6. c4artist

    [WTS] LTI Carrack, Reclaimer or Retaliater

    Complete. Will repost ad.
  7. Belzoth

    Carrack and BMM - looking for fellow explorers and traders

    Hello everyone. I have a Carrack and BMM and plan to do a combination of exploring and hauling. The hauling may also involve smuggling but I might need to keep my voice down when I mention that. I want to find people to crew my ships or just fly next to me when I'm out in the Verse and I think...
  8. Snakey

    CLOSED T.D.A.U: Test Deep-Space Attack unit [Needs a Flashier Name]

    so I am about to grab myself a vanguard and I have been thinking of a unit composed off deep space fighters and gaff to just screw around, pirate ships and help our neighbouring TESTies. if anyone has a flashier name then leave it below since the name is place-holder for some type of innuendo...
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