Reality check on Concierge / Chairmans club and the true CIG business model


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Jul 29, 2017
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I've been a Concierge member for several years now. I've had as great of service as I could get each time even when they had to decline my request.

Whenever I submit a ticket, I start with a polite general greeting, explain the situation as accurately as I can from my point of view, then ask if there is any way that X could be done for me. I follow that up with asking if that is possible, then would they please help me take care of that. I then conclude by thanking them in advance for taking the time to read my request, helping me as best as they can within what they are capable of either way & letting me know what the outcome is. Then wished them well. Other than during times in which they are overwhelmingly swamped with requests, I've always heard back from them within a few days. Each time they were happy to respond to my request, even when what I asked wasn't in their ability to take care of me with. If they declined being able to, they usually state that they've passed on my request up the chain to their superiors who might in time be able to do something about it. Occasionally they'd state that while they couldn't help me at that point, that something similar will be on its way when it is ready. Such as with the ship paints & my request to purchase 1 of those that had been discontinued for a fellow TESTie friend of mine.

Bottom line, how you treat them, how you handle your self & how you manage your expectations make all the difference.

The only thing that I expect from the funds that I've placed into CIG is that my funds be spent developing the game. Which to the best of my knowledge they have been doing, along with the funds that others have pledged as well. Would I like more perks? Yes, but that's simply human nature to want to receive as much as possible for the same amount provided. I do my best to limit feeling entitled to things that I don't have written in writing definitively based on something that I have earned by doing what was required for that.
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