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  1. Han Burgundy
    Han Burgundy
    One full year with you degenerates. What am I doing with my life??
  2. ZombieXII
    Whelp, school started up again... see y'all in may o7
  3. NaffNaffBobFace
    I always loose arguments on Facebook. Can't decide if thats a bad thing or a good thing.
  4. CosmicTrader
    CosmicTrader Harkuno
  5. Duckforceone
    Quack, quack quack quack quack!
  6. BenjiMac
    Red Bull Cola is my weakness
  7. Accented
    Got a Test Star Marine tourney match today. Anybody want to donate prizes? :D
  8. Op4ArcticFox
    I keep buying ships. I can't help it, they are so good. I want them on my skin, I want them inside me... wait no.
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    2. Accented
      Jan 14, 2017 at 6:40 PM
  9. hardroc77
    Cup of hot Joe with a cinnamon roll after work. Oh baby!
    1. Han Burgundy
      Han Burgundy
      ProTip: Pour some chili over that cinnamon roll next time for a truly life changing experience. Nothing will warm you up quite like it. Not sure if that is something that folks in your area do commonly, but it is fantastic.
      Jan 13, 2017 at 12:23 AM
  10. Han Burgundy
    Han Burgundy
    Three point oh, please. Thank you
  11. Zapp Brannigan
    Zapp Brannigan
    That's *Vice Admiral* Zapp Brannigan to you.
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  12. Ltwoffy
    Wat the frak since when was I a captain who the hell promoted me Dam it it now I need to change my name to Cpt woffy
  13. Egriz
    Elder Scrolls Online - It's what all the cool kids are doing. Come join us!
  14. Blind Owl
    Blind Owl
    Well so far today's flight hasn't been cancelled. Yay.
  15. John 'S0AP' MacTavish
    John 'S0AP' MacTavish
    Hi Guys, Just signed up for Test but hope to play with you all and have fun!!
  16. Blind Owl
    Blind Owl
    Stranded in Toronto. Yeehaw.
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    3. Blind Owl
      Blind Owl
      Snow, wind, and freezing rain. Fun fun. :)
      Thanks, we have one flight left. Almost there! Haha
      Jan 11, 2017
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    4. AstroSam
      Yay, I can almost feel your rising excitement level! New town, be prepared: a new Owl is landing! :D
      Jan 11, 2017
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    5. Blind Owl
      Blind Owl
      Haha, the Owl is landing. Too funny. Thanks Sam, we're very excited. :)
      Jan 11, 2017
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  17. Crashtestdummy
  18. Kojimada
    Good hunting.
  19. BenjiMac
    Just made a salad. On purpose.
  20. hardroc77
    I want my Maypo! With cinnamon and raisins.