CIG taking questions for Railen QnA

Railen cargo hauler!

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Fresh off the presses, Xian cargo hauler, the Railen!
1623341258976.png " The Xi’an industrial shipbuilder, Gatac Manufacture, unveils its new interspecies commercial cargo hauler, the Railen. This alien hauler has been adapted to suit mixed-species crews and, along with a huge cargo capacity and formidable weapons package, features a unique mix of Human and Xi’an facilities that make it unlike anything else in the ‘verse. "

Is this new ARGO leak a cargo or refinery ship? Video

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Cargo is already a populated niche, do we need more?

Final thoughts on the TechLinked Star Citizen Video!

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Wrapping up the TechLinked Star Citizen video with some final thoughts and an epiphany at the end!

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