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Star Citizen shows off procedural dev tools - rivers and terrain manipulation

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Great to see how fast they can introduce features into the terrain, this is going to make the next systems so much faster to produce. Also Xeno Threat play test tomorrow and Sunday!

Star Citizen featured on Gameranx

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Gameranx is a massive youtube channel with 6M subs. The guy commenting on Star Citizen has obviously played the game which is great! His biggest issue is that the game is taking long, but that is perfectly fine. I summed up most of it here!

Insurance claims picked as most frustrating issue of Star Citizen 3.12

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Insurance claims, Star map and Prison system all made the list.

Star Citizen is both the best and worst business model

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Last week I made a video showing how Massively OP picked Star Citizen as the worst MMO biz model. This week I am showing you how they picked Star Citizen as the best biz model just two days before.

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