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Montoya goes mining!

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I have been inspired by the magnificant numbers in @Black Sunder 's thread, so I gave it shot.

Montoya responds to Inside Gaming's terrible coverage of Star Citizen

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Their video is so painful to watch...

State Of The Squadron 41

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Its here! SOTS 41! Hello all you new beautiful members!

[Video] Origin Rover Concept Sale

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Looks like we are getting the Rover first, but there may be more surprises coming this week.

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Sold a book in Japan. I guess that means you can call me....MR WORLDWIIIIDE
WOW, 5 Years!
Things I did since I first pledged for Star Citizen.:
  1. Got a Child
  2. Moved Countries (from GB to NL)
  3. Wrote a Book {link to Amazon}.
  4. Finished an additional University Education.
  5. Made career, ...
I did it, boys! I finally published my book!
Coming to the profound and deep understanding that I choose the correct path in life when I did not go to school to become a teacher, because after 8 weeks with my kids. . . damn. Just damn. Lions eat their young for a reason.
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