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[Video] Origin Rover Concept Sale

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Looks like we are getting the Rover first, but there may be more surprises coming this week.

Invictus free fly week and 325a giveaway!

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Thank you @Redwolfe for sponsoring this giveaway! Enjoy

Introduction to Guilded, an alternative to Discord

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We have been using the calendar feature on Guilded for a while now, I would like to invite you all to sign up, log in and interact with the many activities and group events we will be coordinating from Guilded:

[Video] Prowler walkthrough

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Star Citizen Prowler review. ITS AWESOME!

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Coming to the profound and deep understanding that I choose the correct path in life when I did not go to school to become a teacher, because after 8 weeks with my kids. . . damn. Just damn. Lions eat their young for a reason.
Rocks in SC immune to crashing. TEST Scientists are baffled
Pro tip: If you're designing a book cover, but also happen suck at photoshop, lean into the whole "vintage" aesthetic...
Nice to meet you! Hello from Poland!
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