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A Reminder on how to Increase Performance and remove stuttering in Star Citizen

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This is a quick re-post/ reminder, to everyone Old and New to the game! You can improve the performance of Star Citizen quite a bit by simply tweaking some Nvidia and Windows settings an so on. I made this video in June of last year and it is still 100% valid so I have not needed to make a new one: -
View: Everything in this video is 100% safe to do and wont bugger anything up so long as you follow everything to the letter and you can always ask for help in Discord if you need it whenever I'm around. Obviously the performance boosts you will get will vary between everyone depending on your System specs but this should help boost FPS anywhere between an extra 5 to in some extreme circumstances an extra 30fps. With the added benefit that these improvements `can` pass on to all...

State of the Squadron 52

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Big welcome to all the new members!

Star Citizen close to previous year record Invictus sales

Claim timers taking too long? Relief is on the way! Video

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