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Seasons Greetings From TEST Squadron

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We are wrapping this year's IAE event and celebrating the first night of Hanukkah and tossing in the Xmas special into this one video. Thank you all for the amazing year in Star Citizen and TEST!

MISC Odyssey looks to be better explorer than Carrack! Buying Org Odyssey!

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Just getting up and sipping my coffee while looking over the stats here. The mere fact that it collects the fuel it needs for exploration and does not rely on anybody coming out to fuel you immediately makes this the defacto long term explorer, better than the Carrack! Grabbing one immediately for myself and another for our exploration division. If you want to donate towards our org exploration activities, hit the donate button on the top right. Video and thoughts incoming.

TEST Squadron Thanksgiving Parade

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Had a blast the other day during SC and Drinks! Thanks to everyone that made our thanksgiving parade possible! Special thanks to Traxus_IV for making the video!

IAE Drake Day!

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Love the Drake ships!

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