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Tractor beams and salvage game loops are going to be big! (Video)

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Salvage is looking better and better!

Star Citizen 3.18 Live Is A Rough Patch

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Everybody here in yet?

Scorpius Antares Drama!

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Short story is that if it was a solo ship, it would be OP. If its a co-pilot ship, its boring as hell for the co-pilot. Fight!

First mention of work beginning on the Titan Suits!

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I want to see some crazy personalization options here, paints, logos, weapons! Give!

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Drowez wrote on vahadar's profile.
Hello good sir, where would one find that Hull E CCU I've scoured the posts but to no avail...yet. Appreciate it.
@Montoya Hey, changed my main character over to an alt and renamed it PatrickSpaceman
Profession: Hull exfoliation specialist
Hello, TESTies! It's great to see you all again!
It's been almost six years but I'm back in the cockpit!
Finished my degree, am electricity engineer now, and 2 years into a PhD.
Eagerly awaiting 3.18 and already expanded my fleet.
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