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Shadow Setup Guide + Feedback

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We have partnered with Shadow to give TEST members an exclusive $10 off their first month. You can sign up and try for 30 days to see if the service is worth it for you! Shadow Signup Referral Link: Shadow Non-Referral Link: Use Promo Code TESTGG for $10 off first month.

[Video] Excited for gimbal assist in 3.5!

[Video] Star Citizen Ships - Valentine's day sale

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Two concept sales this week, lets take a look: Corrections: The SRV does not refuel, only tows. The Heartseeker S4 is fixed not gimbaled.

GameGlass Preview + Lifetime License Giveaway!

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Article: We will also be running a giveaway up till February 18th in our Discord server (#giveaways channel) for a Lifetime license to GameGlass ($149 value). Winner must be a TEST member and I kindly ask them to provide me with some first impressions upon trying out the GameGlass :)

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TEST Book Club - 1 day left for April nominations.
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