VIDEO! First look at the Drake Corsair!

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Star Citizen's latest ship is here! The Drake Corsair is everything you wanted it to be!

Video - Zyloh addresses leaked material re RSI Galaxy

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CIG obviously not happy about an employee leaking this stuff, I can't blamed them.

Star Citizen Fatigue, featuring Richard Bong :D

$500M is really not that impressive. Here is why:

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Its time to start thinking of Star Citizen is a Game as a Service like other titles out there.

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I am currently not looking for "Long walks on the beach," and Cats make my eyes turn to quick dry cement.
Screw that guy. BUY Burgundy Coin and get a 300% return, theoretically, on goods and services! (Within the service area of lower west Hati) You could buy a bird! ACT NOW!
Only i can manage to yeet myself off the discord without noticing. FeelsSadgeMan
Quick question: How do I recognize fellow TESTies out there in the verse? I assume the org must be linked to my bio through the RSI website, but after that, is there some kind of in-game indicator to help distinguish our fellow org mates in the PU?
Back to work v soon =.=
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