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You want to see a real roadmap?

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CDPR gave us a great roadmap here. This should make you really appreciate the lengths that Star Citizen has gone to with their roadmap that we take for granted.

Player controlled Javelin footage

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Star Citizen's biggest playable (atm) ship, the Javelin in action here!

Star Citizen wins worst MMO business model award

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Its obviously not a real award, but look at how terribly boring and lame this piece is from Massively OP, which is probably going the direction of Inside Gaming.

How to steal the Idris in Star Citizen

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The Idris is currently the largest cap ship we can fly in Star Citizen. The only thing bigger in the short term will be the Javelin, then the Bengal some years down the line. Here is how you can glitch in. Intro video by @Boba_Tech and glitching into the Idris by @Chromeninja

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