The view from the Starfarer pilot seat.

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I gone done did a vid about the Starfarer view which is arguably the most blocked pilot view in the game.

New Star Citizen Ship: ARES (Video)

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First video in a while, lets get back to business!

GameGlass special discount for TEST Squadron [UPDATE Code Works Forever Now]

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Hello TESTies, Hope everyone is doing well and that the US folks here had a wonderful Thanksgiving. In light of Citizencon + Black Friday, GameGlass is having a 20% discount for TEST Squadron members until December 5th! Thanks to August (and our TEST members at Citizencon 2019) for reaching out to them to secure this deal. Use Coupon Code @ Checkout: TESTBEST They have also made all the premium features free until December 5th, so its a good chance to check their service out and purchase it if you enjoyed it. We also have a compilation of GameGlass reviews in the following forum thread: That is all and have a wonderful weekend! Best, Seung
Shop: [UPDATE] The good folks at GameGlass have decided to make the TESTBEST code a permanent 5%...

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