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Khartu-Al goes brrrrrrrt

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Slapping on some Size 4's in 3.10 for some TESTing. The ship stills fall to pieces if somebody sneezes, but its fast, manipulable and can strafe like a mofo


Montoya goes mining!

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I have been inspired by the magnificant numbers in @Black Sunder 's thread, so I gave it shot.

Montoya responds to Inside Gaming's terrible coverage of Star Citizen

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Their video is so painful to watch...

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Steel_Monkey wrote on Freak0's profile.
Hey Freak, LOVE how you are selling things, I'm just getting started, still sorting it all out. I am interested in the HH to Polaris CCU, is it still available? I'm also looking for an 890 LTI or 10yr. Lastly, do you have any tips on selling stuff that you could share to help me get a little better?

Sold a book in Japan. I guess that means you can call me....MR WORLDWIIIIDE
WOW, 5 Years!
Things I did since I first pledged for Star Citizen.:
  1. Got a Child
  2. Moved Countries (from GB to NL)
  3. Wrote a Book {link to Amazon}.
  4. Finished an additional University Education.
  5. Made career, ...
I did it, boys! I finally published my book!
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