[Video] What can Anthem learn from Star Citizen's experience?

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Zyloh comments hit the Anthem reddit.

[Video] - Need to rant a bit about Anthem

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Lets get this out of the way so I can focus on Star Citizen 3.5 :)

[Video] - Drake Corsair, and winner of the Ursa rover within

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Green Ursa Rover Giveaway Inside! (Thanks to all who donated this past month!)

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A big thank you to everybody that opened up there wallets under no duress at all. After paying off some hookers and a bar tab, we have exactly enough to buy a gross green colored Ursa rover.
We thought it would be a cruel joke to force some unlucky bastard here to have to own this abomination. Post in this thread and tell us why TEST is BEST! Rules:
  • Make one post only
  • Any bullshit will do, don't feel that you have to out-do Director Gunner
  • You need to be a main member of TEST, no filthy affiliates.
We will draw a winner next Friday the 22nd March.

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