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[Video] ASUS ROG 1080ti unboxing!

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Now I can finally play that Star Citizen game!

Star Citizen breaks $40M record in year-over-year funding

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Just remember guys, 90 days tops ok?

Mark Hamill tweets about Squadron 42!

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When asked what his favorite video game is, he responds the upcoming Squadron 42!

[Video] 300i Giveaway!

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It seems that @August was drinking the other night and during a late night booty call to me, he also put up a 300i! To enter, just drop a comment in the youtube section. I will repeat that because you did not understand me. To enter your name, you need to drop a comment in the youtube comment section of the video! Also, for those of you in the JAPAC time zone:

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bye bye PC, see you in october :(
how many coconuts is in a bunch?
I've got a bunch of coconuts. Bumble bee dumb.
Still not quite fun...maybe next year?
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