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Vanduul Blade getting a buff

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A small but important buff coming to the plasma weapon projectile speed. This will make it easier to hit smaller and faster targets.

Star Citizen reacts to Banu Merchantman update

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BMM gib

Review of the alien ships on sale

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Here are my condensed thoughts on the alien week sales:

Starfield Gameplay deep dive - Montoya Reacts to Starfield Reveal

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Bethesda is pushing the release to 2023, so it better be good!

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Only i can manage to yeet myself off the discord without noticing. FeelsSadgeMan
Quick question: How do I recognize fellow TESTies out there in the verse? I assume the org must be linked to my bio through the RSI website, but after that, is there some kind of in-game indicator to help distinguish our fellow org mates in the PU?
Back to work v soon =.=
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