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  1. Han Burgundy
    Han Burgundy
    The MODs on Spectrum can blow me...
  2. Han Burgundy
    Han Burgundy
    Need ideas: Buying a house with a kickass treehouse out back. What should I do with it? I'm thinking solar-powered kegerator.
  3. dwbrn2
    dwbrn2 NinjaGirl
    Hey NinjaGirl Montoya told me to contact you for info to get a Test Squadron Hat like he has.
  4. Printimus
    Fortnite is for weirdos
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    2. BlackLoot
      You ain't never lied. Ain't tht the truth!
      Jun 18, 2018 at 7:59 AM
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  5. InfinityCircuit
    Conan Exiles is amazing
  6. Han Burgundy
    Han Burgundy
    Anyone get a chance to read my book? Whaddaya think?
  7. Stevetank
  8. Vahl K. Rii
  9. Wolfy
    My friend Caitlin got a new kitty and it makes me sad I can't get one ):
  10. Printimus
    Rebel Scum!
  11. Jumps-On-Keyboard
  12. Talonsbane
    Well, another year down, but at least this time I got to enjoy a large part of it with wonderful wacky people that share a love for SC.
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  13. Stevetank
  14. Printimus
  15. FeaturedSpace
    Han, that sounds amazing! I can't wait...
  16. Han Burgundy
    Han Burgundy
    I will be releasing my Star Citizen book, The Aimless Expedition, on FRIDAY. Keep an eye out for it and help me give it the TESTie bump!
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  17. FeaturedSpace
    4 per Module, so at least 16. A Caterpillar can carry at least 16 dragonfly(s), total!
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    2. BlackLoot
      Man, would tht be beautiful. Hv a Cat land door open & 16 TESTies on DFs come fly out at you, lol.
      Jun 11, 2018
  18. FeaturedSpace
    Wasting more money on internet spaceships, today! Yay.
  19. FeaturedSpace
    Grab your bear and start your Auroras, because TEST is coming to a system near YOU!
    1. FeaturedSpace
      Just a little sneak peak of something I've been working on :D
      Jun 5, 2018
    2. BlackLoot
      What Do We Need A BEAR for?
      Jun 6, 2018
    3. BlackLoot
      Can A Bear Fit In A Aurora?
      Jun 6, 2018
  20. FeaturedSpace
    FeaturedSpace CosmicTrader
    I love ya man! You're amazing to talk to!