Married to Gotin for 22 years, we met on a MUD 24 years ago. He was in St. Louis, I was in the suburbs of Washington D.C. We played together for over a year when he saved the cash for a bus ticket and came east. We've been gaming together ever since.

I work for a major reference laboratory as a Cytogenetic Technologist. This means I actually read chromosomes for a living. Weird huh? Everything from newborn child issues to cancer studies your chromosomes matter.

I've also been a horse trainer, breeder, instructor, and just general enthusiast for my entire life. Now days as the ground gets harder I've relaxed back to one horse and just enjoying trail riding and the occasional ranch riding or reining.
September 21
Virginia, USA
Personal Hangar
RSI Constellation, MISC Freelancer, Drake Cutlass, Origin 300 Series, MISC Prospector
Timezone Avalibility
U.S. Eastern
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Alia Traprunner
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Cytogenetic Technologist


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