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    Wth did I just watch?

    Is this how Test Squadron tests all weapons systems now? I feel compelled to test all small arms in this matter in-game. This is the only way to verify wear and tear is operational. Thank you for sharing this!
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    Happy Birthday Glorious Leader

    Indeed, Happy Birthday! May you see many new ships in your hangar!
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    TEST Skin for your Mercury Star Runner !!!!!11111!!!!!

    Everything Yellow and Black are belong to us! I am pleased with the MSR skin.
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    Farnham's Legacy X3 Albion Prelude DLC only 10 years late but Free!

    I own so much X3, but never got into it like I did Freelancer and Privateer. If someone was going to try and re-enter the series where would you recommend starting?
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    Sneak peek Redeemer engines

    I do like the Erinyes from Freespace 2. However, it was not my favorite design. That belongs to the Hercules and Herc 2. I'd love to wreck a Redeemer with a Connie. I want to see some fights with something that isn't a Hammerhead be a challenge. The Valkyrie is not doing it for me.
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    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    I suspect many novel names have not been snapped up yet, after the initial frenzy, there are many names available. Since not even all ship types are eligible for naming, you will still have ample opportunities to claim your favorites. I need a name for my Aurora. It's seen so much.
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    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    You can always rename, and I really wanted my original names.
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    Marking time - Where have we been, Where are we going?

    It's officially been 5 years since I joined Test Squadron. I was a little grizzled when I joined and now I'm totally in a different place in life. I still love me some Star Citizen. I started following Star Citizen when it was a concept and signed up for the dream in 2014. Somehow between...
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    TEST Org - In games Roles and Ranks

    Rank seems unimportant until we are doing ops or in universe things. I'll miss having status though. It's like losing your airline benefits. However I'm all for the peace of the org.
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    Insurance claims picked as most frustrating issue of Star Citizen 3.12

    Confirming that we murdered the Idris pilot, he T-posed, and we could not capture the ship. We attempted again, still no successes. Blowing up the Idris also occasionally results in no payout. Immortal pilots - Bad. Most disliked bugs: Not being paid for killing an Idris Not being able to...
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    35 seconds Idris Kill

    And now we must all Solo an Idris! Cheers!
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    Merry Xmas 2020!

    Merry Christmas to all!
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    Is the Perseus useful to the org?

    I like this discussion. I am considering overpaying for a Best in Show Hammerhead because i think it's pretty, and it is still the gunship to beat in the PU right now. I like point defense, it is what we really are going to be dealing with when every Ares and eclipse in the verse starts...
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    R.I.P. Big Bird and Oscar

    Big Damn Heros!
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