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    Combat Flight Training (CFT) July 4th 20:00 UTC

    I'll try to be there, not sure if i can make it tho... just wanted to know if spaicord is a must? cause I only have guilded atm (O.o)
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    I Think I have a problem (5 years with Test)

    The second step is drowning it in beer, right?
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    Welcome to TEST! :o7:
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    Keemstar vs H3H3

    Damn I didn't know you were such a handsome guy :wut: bah..who needs that? doesn't everyone know you only need 3 ingredients to get all the beverages you'd ever need? :drunk: yes that's their podcast channel. :like: don't watch it but from the bits i've seen they're doing a pretty good job...
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    Invictus Megathread

    They are :like:
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    Invictus Megathread

    Okay so it seems like the start of this event was a very CIG worthy fuck up :mad: first they let 90% of the world wait and calm dow the anxious potential new backers that couldn't access the game just to find out, through a 3rd party no-less, that it wasn't going to start on the 22nd at all but...
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    New idea: Load Aurora into Javelin cannon for maximum fun

    So basically Aurora = fancy boarding torpedo I volunteer for a ride!
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    Keemstar vs H3H3

    While I don't know anything about this guy except for the stuff shown in the video, I honestly don't think that was the only reason gfuel stopped sponsoring him...they probably weren't happy being associated with someone like him and just needed a proper justification to drop him. And a channel...
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    Ahoi TESTies o7

    So I'm new here and here's my introduction :) Where you from stranger? Germany What drew you to Star Citizen? found it in 2013 and immediately knew i had to be part of this even though i knew that it would probably take another 10 or so years (still seems like an alright estimate) What do...
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