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    State of the Squadron 45!

    Thanks Glorious leader.
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    Hello from SardoInside

    Welcome to TEST.
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    Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiiiiide!

    Welcome to TEST.
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    Anybody placing bets?

    As 80% of the planet is water....My money goes on a splash down.
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    returned to station

    Strange.....I have been doing this for months while doing cargo runs; especially when using a larger ship. It has worked every time..... Perhaps is because you land..... Once permission is given, I just QJ to my destination. If (and this does not happen often) I get a 30K my ship can be spawned...
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    returned to station

    Your ship will always spawn at the last station that granted you permission to land. TIP: When travelling a long distance, fly past the closest station and request landing....when granted you can QJ to your destination. If you get a 30K, the ship will spawn at that station with cargo, etc.
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    Finally made my first million aUEC

    Congrats. The 1st is the hardest.
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    Howdy Howdy

    Welcome to TEST. Thank you for your service.
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    Salutation Citizens

    Welcome to TEST.
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    Invictus 2951 - Javellin interior tour

    But we are not players........We are TESTies!
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    890J parked next to an Idris

    Yeah, but 80% of the 890J interior is empty space.
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    Welcome to TEST.
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    Open the JumpGate

    Wow! This is great! But where are the Auroras? hehehehehe
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