Devil Dog Hog

I turn a wrench and launch war-birds,
Have a 1000 yard stare at a pretty girls rear,
N'uthin sweeter than an ice cold beer,
Thank god I'm a Jar-head!
Oct 3, 1979 (Age: 41)
City of Jacksonville, State of North Carolina, USA
Personal Hangar
RSI Aurora, MISC Freelancer, MISC Endeavor, Anvil Carrack, Drake Cutlass, Drake Caterpillar, MISC Prospector
Timezone Avalibility
U.S. Eastern
RSI Handle


The only thing I regret is not finishing that beer after I passed out.



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    Fifth anniversary in TEST Squadron!

    Holy crap, did you develop Stockholm Syndrome or something?
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    The Crowd Goes Wild!

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    Fourth Anniversary in TEST Squadron

    Holy crap! Four years!! FOUR YEARS! fOUr yEaRs!!!
  4. 300

    Third Anniversary in TEST Squadron

    I don't know what you did to deserve getting stuck in TEST but I pray for your soul's deliverance =P Thank you for being an amazing addition to our gaming community <3
  5. 25

    Dozens I swear Dozens of Likes!

    You received at least 24 likes! (Too bad they aren't Auroras)
  6. 200

    Second Anniversary managed to stick with us for 2 years. What....what is wrong with you people?
  7. 10

    Someone Likes Me!

    Well not really, but looks like someone actually liked what you said!
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    Comms Initiated

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    First Anniversary

    You've been registered here for a year, congratulations!
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    Daily Vitamins

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    Meat for the Grinder

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