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    Where were you on 9/11?

    I was at home on my PC in the living room, I don't remember if I was browsing or if someone told me to turn on the TV, but I watched trying to understand what happened with the first tower. Then I watched in horror as the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower. I was angry and thinking we need to go to...
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    Sept 2021 Subscriber Flair?

    I am sick of paints, it feels like a rip-off in terms of "perks".
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    The New Redeemer

    I need to buy back my Redeemer CCUs before the price hike... It's gonna be a dope ship and the new meta all-purpose-ish kinda like a cutty but less cargo and a whole lot more survivability. Plus imagine pimping its computers out and slaving one of those manual turrets if possible... though I...
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    Plastic silver-ish lining

    Sorry for your loss, congrats on the awesome find!
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    Shit new applicants are saying

    Even our gas says we are the best! May the universe breathe in our glory!
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    Nova Tank Sale

    lol I misread it too
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    Semi SC/Lumberyard Related | Kingdom Come Beta "RTX" 8K Tech Demo

    I will reserve my hype until I see a bunch of players in the same area fighting some kind of boss. If the game can perform well on standard gear, then may buy it to join with you guys.
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    Representing TEST in glory!

    I have no idea lol, I just stopped into the live stream for a few minutes while waiting for a zoom meeting, and dropped a comment because Disco's background looked way more awesome than the others.
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    Representing TEST in glory!

    I have earned the official glorious title of King of Naive! @55:44 Glory be to TEST!
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    Tharr be whales!

    $40 plushie (price meh), but this shirt for $70? That's not a $70 button-up shirt... :( Might get two plushies but did want that shirt but not spending $70 on it.
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    Anyone think the Kraken without pads and more guns is pretty sweet?

    If the conversion kit turned the kraken into one big missle with LTI, I may get it.. otherwise.. will work great as is as a Capitol ship ramming weapon.
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    Soooo new July sub rewards are useless paints ?!!

    TBH, I only stayed subscribed for the flair and the coupons and "having our name put in the game" somewhere however many times. I have the ships for that flair paint and I STILL don't want them, I'd want tangible stuff (in-game). Like they've been doing for years... makes no sense. Edit: Wonder...
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    Soooo new July sub rewards are useless paints ?!!

    ugh, I am now glad I let my subscription run out
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