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    What ship would you live in?

    What ship would you rather live in, the Carrack or the Mercury Star Runner and why?
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    Vanduul Helmet - Get 50 unique kills event!

    There are always griefers in life. CIG just gave them the rope to hang themselves while being actively tracked.
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    Industry Steel Summit 3.10 Announcement - Saturday August 22nd 2:00pm EST / 6:00pm UTC

    I'm really interested in how the mining division will handle logistics. I'm very excited to hear there will be cargo warehousing in 3.11. I would love to hear some feedback from this community on how they think this will effect TEST in the near future.
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    Mining Leader Board - Final Total 79.87 Million Mined! - Winner Spiffman

    Did anyone calculate how much the averaged per hour?
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    A week of Mining by the numbers

    Nice job all!
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    Mercury Shape Change

    If Paul is asking where they got it, I see an account ban happening soon™
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    Invictus F8 Sale - Cast your Vote

    The F8 will be unlocked during Squadron 42 anyway, so why act like it's sacred? Sale it!
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    CitizenCon Cancelled

    Any news about VerseCon?
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    Security Operation Meteor Shower Recruitment (MISSION COMPLETE)

    So, because the Carrack actually made it into the game, my loaner Connie is gone. Good news it, I upgraded my 325a to a Cutlass, so that will be the new Overwatch Drop ship @sum1 @Runalotski .
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    Test Squadron Rally Team - Calling All Racers

    I will at some point this go over all the rules for the Daymar Rally for clarity. I might watch last year's event as a movie online and you guys/gals can jump in and study competition and strategy with me.
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    Test Squadron Rally Team - Calling All Racers

    I won my poll by 100% !
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    Test Squadron Rally Team - Calling All Racers

    Great job everyone. Best racing I've seen from the Rally Team yet! Keep up the good work! Also note to self, save your spawn port at Port Olisar FIRST!
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    Test Squadron Rally Team - Calling All Racers

    New poll on Guiled for TESTing purposes only.
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    Test Squadron Rally Team - Calling All Racers

    Team Test Racing Practice for Daymar Rally CALLING ALL RACERS! Brought to you by WMK Hosted by Gamefleek, Marcsand2, and cheerleading by August-TEST Sunday Feb 23 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM CST 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM UTC Daymar, Shubin Mining Facility...
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